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Your surgery says a lot about you. Our dental cabinetry designs are created to suit your individual style and working methods, ensuring that everything is right to hand, leaving you time to concentrate on your patients.

Our bespoke dental cabinetry is made at our Liverpool factory and is manufactured to specifically to your own requirements, no matter what range you prefer. Using only the best materials and hardware, state of the art machinery and our highly skilled workforce and installation teams.

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‘How has Surgery Design and Dental Cabinetry layouts changed over the last 20 years’

Thirty five years ago most dental surgeries were following kitchen cabinet designs. The main reason for this was the lack of general storage in the dental practice and the change in product choice and variety.

The increase in more complex materials and instrumentation put pressure on practice space and following the kitchen trend for more cabinets dentistry followed on. This of course led to inefficiencies and materials not being audited on a regular basis because they were hidden in drawers.

If we think back to those days there were probably only 5 or 6 impression materials on the market. Now there are hundreds and they have increased in complexity with putties and washes and dispensing guns and machines.

Of course adding increased cabinetry also put pressure on surgery space so many dentists found their space limited and working conditions becoming cramped and un-ergonomic leading to health issues and increased stress levels.

Over the years the biggest change in dentistry has been the move to buildings purpose built with staff and patients’ needs better catered for. As the modern world has changed and patients have become more discerning the need for easier parking and technology friendly waiting rooms influences where they take themselves and their families.

With practice inspections and CQC guidelines an important part of the modern dentists life the need to listen to their directives has become vital. The general trend is for materials and instrumentation to be stored outside the actual surgery and only what is absolutely necessary for that particular session be brought into the room.

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There has been an increase in materials organisation in material tubs and this has reduced the need for cabinetry and storing in the actual room and created areas where the material tubs are returned to central stock areas for replenishing and re-issue.

Of course the minimising of cabinetry also allows the surgery designer to have more space to design an ergonomic working environment for the whole team and as a result increase the productivity and efficiency and profitability and most importantly the health of the whole dental team.

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