Durr Dental VistaScan Ultra View

Sleek with a Wealth of Ground-Breaking Features

Category: X-Ray Imaging Scanner

  • Durr Dental VistaScan Ultra View
  • Durr Dental VistaScan Ultra View
  • Durr Dental VistaScan Ultra View

The Durr Dental VistaScan Ultra View combines the extraordinary image quality of PCS technology with optimum performance and innovative, ground-breaking features. It has been designed to cope with the demands of larger dental surgeries and practices.

Parallel Scanning with 2 Slots

The new innovative design of the Durr Dental VistaScan Ultra View has 2 different slots, allowing image plates to be scanned simultaneously, without any compromise on quality. This feature allows for more efficient use of the scanner, helping save valuable time.

Large Glass Touchscreen Display

This product comes standard with a 7", coloured touchscreen, providing a user interface that is very straightforward the operative to use. This screen can display high quality images due to PCS technology, such as the provisional stages of caries lesions and different endodontic instruments.

Quick and Easy Scanning

With it's easy feed concept instilled, this means image plates can be fed into the unit and scanned instantly one after the other, again saving valuable time. The scan slots can be adjusted to all intraoral image plate formats from size 0 to 4, this is doable through interchangeable plate guides. To ensure that it makes the most of its potential, the system is designed to work only with VistaScan IQ image plates.

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The Durr Dental VistaScan Ultra View has a range of key features:


This feature has been designed to promote even more efficient working. With this, scanning tasks can be sent simultaneously from different workstations to the Ultra View. 

Scanning Without a PC is Possible

The Durr Dental VistaScan Ultra View has a standalone mode, allowing the operative to work independently of the network. When doing this, images are temporarily stored in the internal memory of the device and not transmitted to a database until a later date.

WLAN Capability

Along with a LAN interface, WLAN is integrated, making it incredibly easy for users to integrate their scanner into their network, saving you the time and hassle of setting up.

Durr Dental VistaScan Ultra View
Durr Dental VistaScan Ultra View Specifications:


Plate Sizes

S0, S1, S2, S3, S4

Theoretical resolution (LP/mm, dpi)

40 (2.000)

Effective resolution (LP/mm, dpi)

22 (1.100)

Greyscale (bit)

16 (65.536)

Weight (kg)

ca. 8

Dimensions (H x W x D mm)

391 x 251 x 292

Standby function




More details of the Durr Dental VistaScan Ultra View can be found here:

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