Vatech PaX-i3D Smart CBCT offers an easy to use software

Dental CBCT Imaging Systems

Dental CBCT Imaging Systems are used to produce 3D imaging that is useful for visualising important information concerning the mouth and surrounding areas such as the bone width, sinuses and nasal cavity. 

Cone Beam Computed Tomography entered the field of dentistry in the late 1990's, resulting in a step-change in the way dentist's van view their patient's mouth's and are rapidly become a integral part of every modern, growing dental practice.

CBCT units allow users to visualise high accuracy 3D and 2D images of a patients anatomy in a single exam. Witch adjustable fields of view which allow users to acquire large full arch images as well as small 4x4 areas of interest. Paired with powerful software tools and algorithms that help reduce image artefacts by scattered radiation CBCTs deliver quality diagnosable images while observing ALARP guidelines for safe patient exposure.

A few key benefits of having a 3D OPG in your practice include detailed surgical and implant planning for the desired treatment.

This page will assess some of the different models and help you to narrow down your search and find the most suitable option for you and your practice.

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Recommended Brands

Being independent we only recommend products that we as equipment experts and engineers know are reliable and with strong UK support networks. They are all world leaders in the field of digital imaging and tomography. 

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  • Acteon are world leaders in the fields of dental imaging and specialist dental equipment.
  • Planmeca's Mobile Showroom

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Organise a convenient time for one of our multi-award-winning team members to come and meet you in the comfort of your own practice.

We also offer an opportunity for you to meet directly with the our world leading manufacturers. 

Dental Equipment Showrooms

At our Showroom

When investing in a 3D unit, is a hefty investment. Compare units and their software packages in the quiet and space of our extensive 5,000 sq ft showroom, near Gatwick. 

Appointments are by appointment only and can include evenings and weekends, to suit. Take advantage of our fantastic facility. 

Planmeca's Plandemo

Planmeca have been a world leader in digital imaging systems for decades. Their mobile showroom takes the demonstration of digital equipment to a new level. Enabling you to capture a case of a patient whilst on site. Take the image and work with the team to understand the software.

The bus also includes their digital introral scanner the 'Emerald', their milling machine 'Planmill' and they come together with their Romexis for a full CAD CAM system.