CAD Design of a dental reception and waiting room area

Reception Areas are such an important room in your practice and sometimes can be overlooked. That first impression can reassure and give confidence to new patients. Reflect your brand, feel and personality. If you have a shop front, design a room that when people pass they want to look in. Whether you opt for a modular or bespoke desk our design team work to create and build stunning spaces.

Do you need assistance with dental practice interior design or furnishing your dental reception? Hague Dental not only provides top-of-the-line dental equipment but also offers a range of furnishings to elevate your reception area. Incorporate modular benches for flexible seating options, captivating feature walls to make a lasting impression, and sleek chairs to keep your space organised. Create a professional and inviting atmosphere that aligns with your practice’s dedication to quality care and patient comfort. 

If you’re considering what’s next for your practice and you would like to chat with our interiors team, please contact us on or free phone 0800 298 5003 and they would be delighted to discuss any plans you might be considering. 

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Waiting room design

How to design your dental waiting room

Stepping into a dental waiting room can be daunting, even just for a regular check-up. The sterile environment and potential wait times can all contribute to anxiety. But what if your waiting room could be a haven instead, easing patient worries and leaving a positive impression? This is the power of thoughtful waiting room design.

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Selecting Bench Seating for Your Dental Practice

In the ever-evolving landscape of dental practice design, bench seating has emerged as a leading trend, offering both practicality and space-saving solutions. However, while the allure of bench seating is undeniable, it’s crucial to navigate through various considerations to ensure optimal comfort, durability, and accessibility for your patients.

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Popular seating types for dental waiting rooms

  • Visiting the dentist can sometimes be accompanied by feelings of apprehension or anxiety. We therefore design dental waiting areas meticulously to create a calming and inviting environment.  From comfortable seating to a soothing colour palette and ambient lighting, every element is carefully designed to enhance the patient experience.

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Impactful dental clinic interior design by Hague Dental

Delightful Dental Clinic Interior Design for Immediate Impact

First impressions can have an instant and lasting influence on your patients. Dental clinic interior design helps ensure those impressions are favourable. Whether consciously or otherwise, we are all influenced by our surroundings. However, it’s not only our location that can make a difference. Décor, or the lack of it, can have an equally powerful influence on our mood.

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Your Choice of Dental Reception Desk Can Say a Lot About Your Practice

A Dental Reception Desk Can Say a Lot About Your Practice

A well-appointed dental reception desk inspires trust and can leave a lasting impression. The Essential Role of Colour in Dental Reception Design - Colour has been shown to have a significant effect on one’s mood. Some evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, while others promote peace and calm.

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dental reception design & dental practice design by Hague Dental

Smarten up Your Dental Reception - Refurbishment Ideas

First impressions count, and they can often shape the perception of a business positively. Investing in a reception refurbishment could put an ailing dental practice on the road to success. A welcoming and modern reception area will contribute to making patients feel more comfortable and reassured in your practice.  

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Take the time to visit our extensive 5,000 sq ft showroom near Gatwick. Whether you are looking at a reception area refurbishment or a full squat practice development our team of designers, project managers and equipment experts are here to help. Viewings are by appointment.

Product Case Study

Mide Ojo

Mide Ojo

Refresh Dental

It was a dream six years in the making – I thought I would take on the “easy” job of building a practice from scratch with no previous experience whatsoever in running one! I had lived in the area for eight years and enquired about several sites. I had just about given up when on my commute, I saw a space with D1 planning permission in place. I knew if I didn’t make a move, I would walk past someone else’s practice every day.


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Declan Keane

Declan Keane

The Essex Smile Centre

We at The Essex Smile Centre have been using Hague  Dental for over three years now. 

From the very first moment that I (Dr Stephen Keane) personally met Jim Hague from Hague Dental at the London EXEL Dental exhibition on a dreary October day, I realised how professional an outfit they were, a ‘cut above the rest’.

Initially, we had plans to do a large extension but had to scale back and come up with ideas that were outside the box. Jim and Kirsty helped us design and manufacture a way of creating space from no space at all!

Jim’s ability to switch from one project to another (cheaper) without a hint of regret, was very professional in every way.

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”Hague have far surpassed our expectations, and we would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a reliable and experienced dental supplier. Our patients and our staff are now enjoying the new environment. Hague has provided and we feel this has raised our practice profile and feel-good factor dramatically.”
Sunny Dhanoa & Rishi Patel, Old Courthouse Dental Practice