Delightful Dental Clinic Interior Design for Immediate Impact

Impactful dental clinic interior design by Hague Dental

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Dental clinic interior design by Hague Dental

First impressions can have an instant and lasting influence on your patients. Dental clinic interior design helps ensure those impressions are favourable. Whether consciously or otherwise, we are all influenced by our surroundings. It takes considerably more effort to relax in an overcrowded subway train than when picnicking by a stream or sunbathing on the pool deck of a luxury cruise liner. However, it’s not only our location that can make a difference. Décor, or the lack of it, can have an equally powerful influence on our mood.

Medical professionals and their patients understand the need for clinics and dental practices to maintain clean and sterile environments. Still, this does not mean everything should be painted or tiled in pristine surgical white. In practice, many patients find hospitals cold and uninviting for this very reason. Is it possible your dental practice interior design might have the same effect or that your dental reception design may be a bit old-fashioned and dull?

The Essential Elements of Good Dental Clinic Interior Design

A dental practice is a workplace, so it should be designed for optimal efficiency. However, this should not preclude the need for visual appeal, comfort and convenience.

  • Colour: Like the negative impact of hospital white, colours, in general, tend to influence our mood. Artists, interior designers and marketing gurus have long understood how colour can affect human emotions and have used this knowledge to achieve success.

Effective dental interior design requires a knowledge of the psychological influence of colour and is, therefore, best left to a professional. Although people tend to react similarly to colour, this is not a hard and fast rule. For example, while some people associate red and orange with warmth, others feel anger and hostility. Generally, dark shades should be used sparingly, and as pastel shades are more calming, they should be favoured in dental practice interior design.

  • Furnishings: However attractive the surroundings may be, your patient’s first impressions are unlikely to last long if they must sit on hard, wooden chairs while waiting to be seen. In addition to blending with your décor, comfortable chairs or benches that will help patients relax are fundamental to good dental clinic interior design. At the same time, they should be durable and easy to clean.

The reception area is the first point of contact and an opportunity to promote your brand. Illuminated logos on the counter and walls offer the assurance of professionalism. An automatic check-in screen can reduce pressure on your receptionist, and a wall-mounted digital screen provides an opportunity to provide oral hygiene advice and showcase your services. Don’t forget lighting. It should be subdued but bright enough for reading. Finally, the sound of drilling can be alarming. Ensure your treatment room is adequately soundproofed.

Beautiful but Professional Dental Clinic Interior Design

Hague Dental Supplies has provided quality interior design services to dentists for over 25 years, creating innovative concepts that optimise patient comfort and practitioner performance. If your practice needs a makeover or perhaps you’re opening a new practice, why not get in touch?