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Are you and your team looking to bring digital dental equipment into your practice or perhaps develop your digital workflow?

The speed at which medical technology has been improving over the last few decades is nothing short of incredible. This has seen the quality of care in the dental field improve significantly. Interest and confidence in digital dental equipment has grown in leaps and bounds, and patients are becoming increasingly more aware of newer and greater technologies, capable of drastically improving their experience at your practice, as well as help to provide safer and more accurate, reliable treatment.

In this section we hope to help build the confidence within you, to move forward with the times, and dive into this world of new and advanced products in the dental industry. Some of the products you will see here you may already have in your practice and could not do without, but others, particularly those of a 3D Imaging nature, will feel slightly alien to some people. Here we hope to make it as easy as possible for you to take this leap of faith. 

We aim to give you clear insight into our range of highly recommended brands of digital dental equipment and the range of products, thereby enabling you and your team to make an informed decision before you invest.

Artur Silva

"Digital dentistry has the power to propel any practice to another level and provide dentists with reliability, efficiency, and productivity. Perhaps the most beneficial element of digital is that it allows patients to visualise the issue, making it easier for dentists to explain."

Artur Silva
Head of Digital and Senior Engineer
Digital Dental Equipment

What We Consider

Are you feeling overwhelmed not only with the choice, but how they will integrate into your practice?

As independent dealers we are dedicated to supplying products and are not tied to one particular brand; you can be confident that you'll get the best solution possible with us. We only source our products from reputable manufacturers, so you can be guaranteed. quality, reliable and highly innovative digital dental equipment.

When supplying any equipment, not just digital, our specialist team considers an array of things, not just the equipment itself but how and where this will be integrated within your practice, tailored to your needs.

Our digital dental equipment experts work alongside our practice designers, build teams, project managers and engineers to ensure your equipment is installed to the highest of standards.

We also ensure that your team is fully trained on new digital dental equipment. With a handover immediately after install, we then follow up with further training to ensure you and your team are confident with your equipment.


One very important aspect when buying digital dental equipment is what software will work best for your environment. Most products we provide will be able to integrate seamlessly with the leading PMS packages and our digital department works closely with developers to help bring integration and support to PMS that don’t yet offer relevant software bridges.

When it comes to proprietary software for CBCT applications, our digital team is able to provide training remotely or in-house to help you feel at ease when doing what you do best - making patients smile.


Before investing in digital dental equipment, it is important to consider buying from the same brand. The last thing you want is any incompatibility between the products, which can lead to stress and confusion.

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Dental Digital Equipment Solutions

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras tend to fall into two categories: diagnostic and non-diagnostic, providing valuable support in dental treatments and foster patient understanding of the required treatment measures. They both offer a 105-degree view of the distal areas and are compatible with computers and monitors, so you can not only record but also show live images of the patients mouth. Cameras can accurately diagnose patients oral health, identifying gum disease, tooth decay and a broken or cracked tooth. Click the button below and let our experts discuss the options further.

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Dental Digital Equipment

Intraoral X-Ray Units

Intraoral X-rays are an essential part of any practice used to expose film, digital sensor, or phosphor plate sensor. This enables you to easily capture radiographs for diagnosis or documentation. These can be taken safely within the surgery and the smaller focal point, defined exposure times, and collimation ensures quality imagery with low radiation levels. Whether you opt for the traditional wall-mounted unit or for a handheld portable x-ray, either of the two will help to ensure your surgery and treatments run efficiently. Our engineers, under their capacity as radio protection supervisors, will be able to advise on it safe use, whatever your choice.

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X-Ray Sensors

Dental intraoral x-ray sensors provide images shown to be every bit as diagnostic as film radiographs with the added benefit of dramatically reducing the levels of radiation for you patients. When selecting the ideal digital x-ray sensors to invest in, the main areas to consider are image quality and resolution, robustness, connectivity and not forgetting patient comfort. It is always worth checking the durability of the product to safe guard against internal damage due to dust and water. There are solid and flexible options, the latter being the most comfortable for patients and the former offers slightly more robustness against accidental damage.

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X-Ray Imaging Scanners

X-ray Imaging Scanners have dramatically increased in popularity in modern dentistry, moving away from traditional developing, converting existing film-based imaging systems into a digital format. This helps practices move towards paperless efficiency. Our team of industry experts can recommend when these may be preferable to digital scanners, and which brand will be the easiest and fastest to fit in with your team’s needs and demands, taking into account the amount of surgery rooms and the practice management software you currently use.

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Panoral 2D OPG

Do you have a requirement to go digital or upgrade your OPG but not go 3D? OPG (Orthopantomogram) and Cephalogram are types of dental x-rays that have been around for decades, however the surge and enhancement in digital technology has enabled us to take x-rays faster, with more clarity, and expose clients to much lower levels of radiation. Some models even allow you to take bitewing images on both sides at the same time without much increased patient comfort. If you might consider 3D in the future, some systems are 3D upgradeable. Our team will advise right product for you, based on the type of work you do, the space you have, and your plans for the future.

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Intraoral Scanners

Intraoral Scanners

The age of the intraoral scanner is definitely upon us. They offer fast, accurate imagery, to enable you to not only wow your patients, but to plan and design your treatment accurately dependent on your patients needs. Seamless integration with mills and 3D printers is essential when considering the options.

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Dental CBCT Units

Cone Beam Computed Tomography allows for incredibly accurate 3D imaging capturing, not only the teeth but also soft tissues, nerve pathways, and can do so in a single scan. They are a variation of the traditional CT scanners but offer a considerably lower dose with 77% less than standard imaging protocol. CBCT is the gold standard for dental imaging. The widespread growth of dental imaging, in particular 3D, has meant this is now being used for far more than just implantology, and is increasingly essential for treatment success and meeting your patients clinical needs through better diagnostics. We support you in looking at the type of dentistry you are providing to pair with the best machine available within your budget.

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Dental CAD CAM

CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design Systems) offers you the opportunity to move towards chairside dentistry. Providing shorter waiting periods and for your patients as dental appliances are milled in-house, avoiding the lead-times and expense of dental laboratories. Initially CAD CAM was designed to fabricate immediate chairside inlay and onlay ceramic restorations, but required excessive amounts of time. Today's technology however allows for far more options. Moving to digital dentistry can feel intimidating, and many feel they have to be a wiz with IT and computers to bring this into your practice. Our digital experts will provide you with a quality product selection and the training and support you and your team need. 

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Milling Machines

Milling Machines

Moving fabrication out of the lab and into practice is becoming more of a consideration as digital technology evolves. Milling machines used to cut and fabricate complete or partial dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, copings, frameworks, and implant abutments are now being used in practices in the development of the one-day dentistry model. However, this is not suitable for all practices and labs will always play a crucial role in dentistry.

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Planmeca Creo C5

Dental 3D Printers

3D printers are up and coming in dentistry due to growing technology in a number of fields, particularly in dental laboratories. With computer-guided precision units production includes drill guides for implants, models for prosthodontics, orthodontics, and surgery and an array of other treatments. The advances in CBCT and Intraoral scanning pair with printing perfectly for chairside dentistry. Our team of experts are on top of the technology and can advise you on what will work best for your needs, including accessories such as a UV curing light, intraoral camera, and ultrasonic bath.

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