Dental Squat Practice Development

  • Bespoke Dental Reception Desk in white and grey corian
  • Neel Dentistry Surgery 1
  • dental reception desks
  • Dental Squat Practice in Fleet Street developed in partnership with Hague Dental
  • Practice Relocation Project enable pratices to have a larger space for expanding specialist teams

Developing a dental squat practice is a great way to ensure you achieve your ideal practice. Choose the most suitable location and most suitable building, and leave the rest to us.

The chances that pre-existing practices will satisfy your long term ambitions are likely to be low as you may be restricted by dated layouts and equipment and a limited downtime to make all the necessary changes. There is sometimes no chance to sync with your ambitions until a practice relocation happens later on.

Starting with a squat allows you the freedom in achieving a unique practice with your own stamp on it, allowing for long term expansion, and with all the modern day legislation incorporated.

When it comes to squats, I love getting to know our customers to better understand the identity of the practice they are looking to create. Bespoke interior design can take your practice to the next level, showing your personality and making your patients feel comfortable. It is warming to see that our customers are happy with how their new workplace looks.
Jim Hague, Managing Director

What we do

We ensure we understand your requirements, apply our knowledge and experience, and work with you to create the best design for your practice. We apply eight key areas of consideration when working to develop a dental squat practice:

Site Feasibility Service

We survey the potential new site, or maybe a few sites. We provide initial drawings and layouts for you planning application as well as rough costings and estimates to help you make an informed choice.

Designs and Concepts

A lot of time goes into detailed concepts and layouts. Our in-house team of CAD designers, paired with our interior designer, will help you to visualise your dream practice through 2D and 3D drawings. 

Logistics & Planning

Our Project Managers then plan the implementation of the refurbishment. We work with our, or your, build teams to ensure the new practice is ready and open within the agreed time.

Equipment Selection

When choosing equipment for a squat project, we appreciate that a budget can be limited. Our team has a portfolio of leading products to suit all budgets, including pre-owned equipment and chair packages.

Future Proofing

Planning spaces for now and the future is essential in any squat. We consult on which areas that may have to wait but we ensure services are positioned correctly for when the time is right.

Specialist Trades

Our build teams including specialist floorers and cabinetry joiners are specialists on dental practices. They may work outside of normal hours to ensure that your new practice meets the deadlines that we set, with a high standard of finish.

Handover & Staff Training

With a new practice, there is much to consider nearing the end of the project. With a new team on board, it's essential for us to provide an adequate handover of the building and the equipment. This will include information on equipment maintenance.

Aftercare and Engineering Support

We want to reassure you that even after completion of your project, we are there to support you. At the end of the project you will be introduced to our Customer Service team and provided with an Account Manager.

Inside and Out

We ensure we understand your requirements for every room in the practice - from the exterior, through the front door, and past the surgeries, all the way through to staff rooms and storage areas.

Dental Surgery Exteriors

Never to be overlooked on a new practice - the exterior is a marketing tool in itself. Upgrading of windows, doors and of course signage to match your new interior.

Bespoke dental reception desks

Reception and Waiting Areas

We work with your style and brand and formulate it all the way through the practice. From the smallest details, through to displays for consumables.

The Dental Surgery

Designing the practice for now and the long term, considering long term growth. Working with you and your team to consider individual needs.

Treatment Coordinator Office and Consultation Room

A popular room to consider these days - ensuring you have a confidential area to discuss your patients' requirements and to sell treatments.

Specialists Surgeries

The configuration in a specialist room can be different to that of general dentistry. Ensuring space for a potential microscope, implant motor, intraoral scanne, or milling machine.

Decontamination Room

CQC requires that every new practice have a separate space to sterilise instruments. In line with HTM01-05, we ensure you decontamination room meets the guidelines.

Digital & Scanning Room

As the popularity of digital dental grows, so does the need for a space to house everything. We ensure your digital workflow is considered.

Lab Room

If you have the space and the requirement for a lab in your practice, we consider the space, equipment, and storage needed.

Our approach

It may feel overwhelming when planning the development of a squat practice for the first time. There are so different ways to do things, and you will of course have so many questions you'd like answered.

We recommend that you segment your planning into the following 4 areas, which is complimented by our showrooms:


Good ergonomic design creates a working environment where everything needed for a procedure is within easy reach, thus maintaining the health of the team.

Understanding Legislation

We are aware that practice inspections and CQC guidelines are an important part of the modern dentist's life. The need to comply with their directives are vital.



We understand the need to provide a quality product range for your surgery and practice that we know is reliable and robust, while innovative and world-leading.


Industry trends dictate that  practices provide clinical excellence but also a calming and inspiring environment that reflects a brand.

Our showrooms

Dental Equipment Showrooms

The Entire A-dec and Belmont Range

With 12 new dental chair packages under one roof, including A-dec, Belmont and Fedesa, paired with modern and traditional cabinetry. See and compare delivery types to meet your requirements.

Dental Equipment Showrooms

View Modular & Bespoke Reception Desks

The reception area of a practice is so important to its feel. View stunning bespoke handmade desks that is made from raw materials, alongside modular options from our Italian manufacturer.

Dental Equipment Showrooms

Two Decontamination Room Set Ups

Getting your head round CQC and HTM01-05 requirements is not easy. View decontamination room layouts and understand the regulations further. Medical grade cabinetry paired with sterilisation equipment.

Compare Traditional & Modern Cabinetry

The L-Shaped configuration has been the most popular layout for surgeries in the UK for many years. Let us challenge that idea with our bespoke range of medical grade furniture.

Dental Equipment Showrooms

Design your Digital Workflow for now or later

Digital technology is evolving at rapid speed. Spend time considering your requirements for digital. This might be one of those areas that you might want to include in future development. 

Used Dental Equipment Showroom

Have you considered Used Dental Equipment?

This might be something you haven't considered but it could save you money to use elsewhere. Install a used fully-refurbished dental chair now and when you're ready we can upgrade to new!

Case Studies

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Neel Jaiswal

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Smita Mehra

Smita Mehra

Squat Practice Development

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Mide Ojo

Dental Reception Design & Refurbishment

Aoife Boland

Aoife Boland

Dental Surgery Design

Claire Morrice

Claire Morrice

Squat Practice Development

Uma Madhav

Uma Madhav

Dental Surgery Design

Harpreet Khambay

Harpreet Khambay

Dental Surgery Design

Our Step-by-Step Process

  • Step 1: Defining Your Perfect Practice

    Our goal is to create your dream practice that will provide a comfortable experience for you, your staff and your patients. We take the time to understand our clients vision for their new space in detail, as well relefecting on the way you work and your brand. 

  • Step 2: No Space Too Large or Small

    Whether your project is solely to replace a chair, to build a new squat practice or to development part of a health centre or hospital, our team's experience can support you to ensure that any work undertaken is completed with the same care, and precision, no matter what the size.

  • Step 3: Bespoke and Flexible Solutions

    Need help figuring out what you want to achieve or how we can be part of your project? Since 1996 we have provided highly flexible “bespoke” solutions to a wide range of projects. We understand that every project requires different skill sets. So, for example, we can provide specialist builders or happy to work alongside your own.

  • Step 4: A highly experienced and diverse team

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  • Step 5: We transform ideas into reality

    We consider 4 key areas in order to make your project become a reality. Each of these are equally important and essential to ensuring that your practice meets your personal, practical and legislative requirements.

  • Step 6: Visit the largest and most extensive equipment showroom in the UK

    Nothing beats a hands on demo. Our Equipment Showroom is more than a place to compare the leading products in the market. We call it a 'Practice Design Centre’. It is a unique space that helps you to choose the right equipment for you and inspires you to take your ideas to the next level.

  • Step 7: On Time and In-budget

    Nothing beats a hands on demo. Our Equipment Showroom is more than a place to compare the leading products in the market. We call it a 'Practice Design Centre’. It is a unique space that helps you to choose the right equipment for you and inspires you to take your ideas to the next level.

  • Step 8: We’re not satisfied until you are

    We will work tirelessly with you until we have a fully thought through plan that meets your specific list of needs both now and in the future. We work hard to develop a trusted relationship with you that supports you and your practice for the long term.

  • Step 9: Handover & Training for you and your team

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Our Multi-Award-Winning Team

Working to create incredible dental squat practice developments takes one incredibly dedicated group of people:

Jim Hague

Sales Director

Paul Churchouse

Director of Operations

Kirsty Hague

Interiors Director

James Fletcher

Project Manager & Sales

Lee Hemsley

Engineering Manager & BCAS Specialist

Lizzie Goodman

Sales Support

Daniel Kerwood

Project Manager

Darren Shaw

Project Manager

Digital Dental Equipment

Artur Silva

Head of Digital and Senior Engineer


Jose Taveres

Senior Engineer and Trainer

Freddie Hague

CAD Designer


Kyle Turner

Senior CAD Designer & Projects