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Project Overview

It was a dream six years in the making – I thought I would take on the “easy” job of building a practice from scratch with no previous experience whatsoever in running one! I had lived in the area for eight years and enquired about several sites. I had just about given up when on my commute, I saw a space with D1 planning permission in place. I knew if I didn’t make a move, I would walk past someone else’s practice every day.


Interior and Inspiration

I also worked with Kirsty Hague. She oversaw the interior design of the practice. Her enthusiasm and her ability to go the extra mile for her clients was the main factor in my decision about which dental company to work with. Not only is she a genuinely nice person, she really does care about your project as if it is her own and she inspires trust in everything she does. She is a real credit to Hague Dental!

Planning and Equipment Sourcing

To create my two surgery practice, I had the pleasure of hiring and working with several members of the Hague team. From the first moment I contacted Hague, the whole team has done everything in their power to help me complete my project. From my first meeting with the team, who were instrumental in initial project planning and equipment sourcing, I could tell the level of experience and standards that Hague worked to. No question is too small and their understanding of the work life of a dentist made them a breeze to work with.

As the project developed, I was introduced to James Fletcher once the project started. James is an excellent project manager. He has access to fantastic technology and he showed me projected images and 3D designs in all the plans for each room. This quality of service really helped me visualise what was possible.


Their non-pushy style of selling involves just telling the truth and no hard pitching.

Despite securing the contract early on in the process, Hague has been brilliant and even after sales were completed they have worked just as hard to maintain the service.

I wholeheartedly recommend Hague as service provider of the year simply because they make their customers feel like they are special and they genuinely care about you and your project. They are people who buy into you for the long haul, not a short-term relationship.

”Their non-pushy style to selling involves just telling the truth and no hard pitching. I wholeheartedly recommend Hague because they make their customers feel special and genuinely care about you, and your project.”
Mide Ojo, Refresh Dental

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