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Whether you are considering a Dental Reception Design to update the practice or perhaps this will be part of a bigger project, our multi-award-winning team at Hague would be delighted to help. 

Our team pair Interior and CAD Designers, with build teams and Project Managers to ensure your refurbishment not only looks stunning but comes in on time and in budget. With over 25 years of experience in developing practice, we look to create rooms that are stunning, yet welcoming for your patients, and that work ergonomically for all the practice team.  

Over the years I have been developing new spaces in practices I have seen a dramatic rise in importance of a good looking reception area, and not just for private businesses. With most practices now offering some kind of cosmetic dentistry, clients coming through the door expect to be greeted by a space that shows confidence and flair. Social media and the 'Love Island' effect has demanded practices that are not only aesthetically pleasing but that reflect a personality. I will always remember a small practice in South London who said to me 'Thank you , I didn't realise how much this would change my work life - I now love coming into work and you have exceeded our expectations of what we thought possible.
Kirsty Hague, Interiors Director

What we do

We ensure we understand your requirements, apply our knowledge and experience and work with you to create the best design for your surgery. We apply eight key areas of consideration when working to develop a dental squat practice:


Site Survey

This surveys any potential new site, or maybe a few sites. Providing layouts and initial drawings for you planning application. As well as rough costings and estimates to help you make an informed choice.

2D & 3D CAD Design Concepts

The detail that goes into concepts and layouts is incredible. Our in-house team of CAD designers pair with our interior designer to help you to start to visualise your dream practice through 2D and 3D drawings. 

Interior Moodboard Exploration

Project Managers then start to look at organisation and the implementation of the refurbishment. Working with build teams to ensure the new practice is ready and open within the time set.

Bespoke Desk Design & Manufacture

When choosing equipment for a squat project, we appreciate that a budget can be limited. Our team has a portfolio of leading products to suit all budgets, including pre-owned equipment and chair packages.

Feature Walls & Signage

The walls of a practice are often overlooked. With many thinking that a few smiley faces is enough. To bring a warm welcome to your room I would strongly encourage you to take it a step further. Add your brand, add wallpaper or at least a different tone.

Seating and Waiting Areas

Seating needs to be durable and wipe-cleanable preferably. Banquette, bench style seating as come a long way and can prove a good ergonomic option. Whether you choose a bespoke or off the shelf option we can help source the right furnishings. 

Project Management

We want to reassure you that even after a large project like this finishes, our team are going to be there to support you. At the end of the project you will be introduced to our Customer Service team and provided an Account Manager.


Planning spaces for now and the future is essential in any good development of a squat. We help you discuss what areas might wait but ensure services are positioned correctly for when the time comes.

Developing a Squat


With a new practice, there is much to consider nearing the end of the project. With a new team on board, its essential for us to provide an adequate handover of the building and the equipment. This will include information on equipment maintenance.

Case Studies

Sunny Dhanoa & Rishi Patel

Sunny Dhanoa & Rishi Patel

Dental Reception Design & Refurbishment

Declan Keane

Declan Keane

Dental Reception Design & Refurbishment

Mide Ojo

Mide Ojo

Dental Reception Design & Refurbishment

Our Step-by-Step Process

  • PHASE 1 - Step 1: Initial Design Consultation

    Our no obligation visits to the practice, give you a chance to meet us and understand further how we might be able to support you. We will measure up the space and ensure we have everything we would need if you decide to move forward with entrusting your project to us. 

  • PHASE I - Step 2: Design Brief

    The expectation from clients on a dental reception design project is very different. Many approach us with a clear vision for their new entrance to the practice. Others just ask to take complete control putting a high degree of trust in us. Interior moodboards and CAD concepts come together to inspire you and help you visualise how the finished room might look. 

  • PHASE I - Step 3: Visit our Design Centre & Showroom

    Our 'Practice Design Centre’ near Gatwick offers a unique opportunity that helps you make the right choice and inspires you to take your ideas to the next level. Meet the team including our Project Managers who will be there working with the design team to fulfil the brief.

  • PHASE I - Step 4: Final Quotation

    So we have the outline of the design and understand your main requirements for the project. Now we need to give you an idea of cost. Our quotations offer a line by line breakdown, also we ensure there is a contingency included so you feel reassured that any project will be within your budget.

  • PHASE II - Step 1: Design Specfication and Sourcing

    Now we can start working on tightening the detail of the design brief. Sourcing of furniture and materials is all important on a project like this to ensure the quality of the finish. Workings with our trusted suppliers we know we will find the right elements. 

  • PHASE II - Step 3: Your Trades or Ours

    Ensuring you have the right standard of builders on site, is particularly essential for any dental refurbishment. With the closing of a practice proving sometimes impossible, having a team that can work out of hours where necessary is vital. However if budget does not stretch to this kind of specialist builder we are happy to work with yours. 

  • PHASE II - Step 4: The Final Costings

    So now we have all the costs together to compile this final quotation before we begin. This will bring together costs for all the elements that we will through our team. We can also advise on a finance team to support you with a payment plan, should you need one. Once you agree we would ask for a 45% deposit for us to start ordering and booking teams.

  • PHASE III - Step 1: Project Management Handover

    One stand out benefit of working with our team, is our commitment to Project Management. No matter what the level of service you chose, we know that our team will help you manage the project to ensure it finishes on time and within budget. During this stage you will be introduced to your dedicated team member.

  • PHASE III - Step 2: Logistics & Scheduling

    We know that getting the timing right on a reception refurbishment project is essential. Project Managers will give you at Schedule of Works. This will include clear dates for each of the trades people involved, from beginning to end. Working with the Interiors and CAD team each element of the design will be specified for ease.

  • PHASE III - Step 3: Trades on Site

    And we are off! Trades are in and we are working to ensure you have clear lines of communication at every stage. Starting with the builders working on the demolition, plasters (if needed), electricians, decorators, floorers and furniture fitters. Pushing though to the end.

  • PHASE III - Step 4: Snagging

    Every build project will have an element of snagging. There are lots of reasons why this will need to be done. But rest assured our Project Managers and team will not finish till your happy. Projects like this change the way practices work and clients view you, so we really hope to exceed your expectations.

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Our Multi-Award-Winning Team

Working to create incredible dental squat practice developments takes ones incredible dedicated group of people:

Jim Hague

Managing Director

Paul Churchouse

Head of Operations

Kirsty Hague

Marketing and Interiors Director

James Fletcher

Project Manager & Sales

Lee Hemsley

Engineering Manager & BCAS Specialist

Lizzie Goodman

Sales & Accounts Assistant

Daniel Kerwood

Project Manager

Darren Shaw

Project Manager

Digital Dental Equipment

Artur Silva

Head of Digital and Senior Engineer

Freddie Hague

CAD Designer


Jose Taveres

Senior Engineer and Trainer


Kyle Turner

Senior CAD Designer & Projects