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Project Overview

2-Surgery practice

Interior concept: Modern Traditional

Bespoke reception desk

Bespoke cabinetry and shelving

A-dec chair package

Custom feature wall

Project Management

Starting out

Hague was introduced to me in 2017 by one of the dental engineers I used before. At the time I was also looking for a chair package so I called Hague and they invited me to their showroom. I met Jim there for the first time and I liked him straight away. He showed me all the dental chair options and explained it really well – he went through all the pros and cons of each chair and roundabout then I thought if I ever do a refurbishment it’s a good place to come.

Then in 2019, before Covid, we were looking to buy premises – I asked Jim to come and assess it and see what he thinks of it and what would be involved in the process of converting it to a squat dental practice. He came with one of his builders – they went through everything and gave me solid advice. But then with Covid everything got shut down, so we stopped.

So then I thought I have this existing practice and it’s doing really well – I want to do something with it as we are changing how we do our dentistry as we moved on to high-end cosmetic dentistry and high-end medical aesthetics – these are very popular treatments and we needed to have a practice that matches the expectations of patients coming in. I went to Jim straight away. He then introduced me to Kirsty (Interiors Director as Hague) and we all hit it off really well from there and what we have now is the end result of all of that.

Visiting the Showroom

I visited the Hague showroom twice before the refurbishment – once with my dad on the initial concept and then I came back with my wife Farah, our practice manager. That’s when we met Kirsty with all the interior design concept plans – she had this 3D software with our concept designs that completely sold it to all of us at the same time – at that point we decided this is what we want, whatever the cost.

CAD and Ergonomics

Hague made several amendments to the CAD concept drawings for us as we considered different layouts. In surgery 2 we kept the existing cabinetry and built everything around it. The reception desk was originally set up differently and that changed too. I’m really pleased with the ergonomic design that Hague suggested. We have beautiful bespoke cabinetry going across the new surgery as well as new shelving units on the one side and initially I thought it narrows the surgery somewhat from what it was before, but now I’m absolutely fine with it.

The project was completed within 5 weeks. Hague’s build team was very helpful and friendly and arrived and left as they were supposed to. The build team and Hague’s engineers were excellent. A+ for that.

Interior Design Elements

We opted for bespoke glass manifestation on our external windows – I’m really happy with that decision as it brings a lot of light into the surgery. Every interior element was down to Kirsty – the only other person that had some input was Farah. Kirsty was like 90% of it – they were both excellent.

We chose a Clarke Rendall desk for our reception – we love it as much as our patients do – the quality is excellent. Kirsty also suggested a bespoke chevron feature wall – initially we were just going to have one wall in reception but she twisted my arm to do it on another interior wall as well – it just makes the practice look so much better.

The living wall is THE feature of our practice – that was the only thing I wanted. Farah opted to have moss and it went from just a portrait area to an entire wall and it was absolutely worth it. And it’s low maintenance – you don’t need to do anything. We chose that wall for a reason – everyone that comes out of the surgery walks past it, stops to inspect it, and has their picture taken.

A-dec chair package

In 2017 Jim sold me an A-dec dental chair and it’s fantastic. I love it then so when it came to getting another chair it had to be another A-dec. We also upgraded the operating lights to the A-dec 500 LED.

Project Management

I opted for project management from Hague and they did a lot of the work behind the scenes so for me it was a very valuable service. I was very upfront that I would be busy seeing patients so I can not manage the project. We were able to communicate everything that needed to be done quickly and easily; the Hague project manager was great and managed the project really well and went out of his way to help me make some of the decisions.

Team and Client Feedback

Every team member loves our new practice and every client so far has loved it – to anyone thinking about a dental practice refurbishment, I would absolutely recommend Hague.

dental practice design

dental practice design

dental practice design

dental practice design



dental practice design

”Every team member loves our new practice and every client so far has loved it – to anyone thinking about a dental practice refurbishment, I would absolutely recommend Hague.”
Asim Zaidi, Sutton Dental & Medical Aesthetic Centre

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