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Dental Chairs - How to Choose

Innovative, Ergonomic Solutions for your Surgery

Dental Chairs are one of the largest investments of any practice. They are the real workhorses of any surgery and need to be robust enough to withstand the demands of today's demand.

Hague Dental Supplies are a leading UK supplier of new and used chair packages including world-leading brands including A-dec and Belmont. With a focus on high-quality support and engineering, our team have been designing surgeries, installing and maintaining treatment centres for over 25 years. On this page, we help explore which of these quality manufacturer's products might suit you and your practice best.

History suggests that an American dentist, Josiah Flagg, created the first adjustable chair in the late 18th century, adapting a wooden chair by adding an instrument tray on one side, as well as a movable headrest. Over the years this equipment has evolved and, perhaps most excitingly, in the 20th century, the first-ever treatment unit came into being, incorporating air, water, gas, and electricity into one handy piece of equipment.

At this point, while patients were sitting more comfortably than ever before, for the most part, dentists were still standing – and their backs and necks were not thanking them for it. By 1958, however, John Naughton had created a chair with an articulated seat and back, which marked the introduction of what we know call four-handed dentistry.

Today, we have fully embraced the use of a chair that is comfortable for both patient and user and incorporates some incredible benefits that reflect issues such as need, convenience, infection control requirements, and environmental considerations. Sometimes, however, the extensive choice and brands available can feel overwhelming.

Let our Experience and Knowledge guide you

Our multi-award-winning team work with you to ensure that you make the right investment now and in the future. We understand the considerable investment you will be making and the high price tag associated with this purchase. So we have developed a portfolio of products at various price tags to ensure we offer you a range of options.

See below our series of questions to help advise what might provide the best solution for you.

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Recommended Brands

So how does the Hague team support you in selecting the right equipment?

Being independent and not being tied to one particular brand, you can be confident that you will get the possible solution. As engineers first we only supply and install products that we know are the most reliable on the market.

We are authorised dealers in the UK for all our chair ranges. This ensures that you know that any equipment that you purchase with us, will be installed and maintained by a manufacturer-certified engineer, as well as having fast access to parts and access to the correct annual service kits.

  • A-dec Dental Chair
  • Belmont Dental Chairs
  • Fedesa are a spanish dental equipment and chair manufacturer

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Answer the following questions below as starting point in your search.

What Type of Dentistry are you planning to do in this surgery?

Would you prefer a kneebreak (legbreak) chair?

Would you consider your surgery small i.e. under 9msq?

Do you need the chair to be ambidextrous (suit a left-handed and right-handed clinician)

Do you prefer or would you consider an overpatient continental rod style delivery?

Do you need a Spittoon?

Recommended NEW Dental Chairs

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Experience the Best - Side By Side

Our team believe that its essential that you 'try and before you buy'. Too often in our industry we hear of people purchasing equipment solely out of a brochure. Investing large amounts of equipment and then only upon install, finding it is not right for the room and/or the person using it.

Visit our showrooms at your convenience including evenings and weekends. 

Let our team give you the confidence that you are making an informed choice.

Their collective knowledge and expertise in the market, coupled with their willingness to provide cost effective solutions to some challenging issues, was a winning formula.

Ian Kemp, Kemp Dental Health