A-dec 400 Dental Chair

Reliability and Flexibility

  • A-dec Delivery Options
  • A-dec 400 with monitor upgrade
  • A-dec 400 with 400 stools
  • A-dec 500 LED Light offers a high color rendering index (CRI) of 94 mimics sunlight’s clarity and floods the oral cavity with light that reflects colors accurately for soft and hard tissue diagnosis
  • A-dec Ultrasoft Upholstery Card
  • A-dec Seamless / Formed Upholstery Card

Ergonomics and Comfort for all is at the heart of the design of the A-dec 400 Dental Chair.

The 400 replaced the legend that was the A-dec Radius. The new treatment unit still benefits from the Radius's robust construction but also contemporary styling and a new specification. Other impressive features that stand out are:

Patient Comfort & Reduced Anxiety

The 'stingray shaped' backrest ensures the patients shoulders are fully supported, the double articulating headrest can be manipulated to suit the patient. These features as well as the pressure mapped upholstery ensure your patient is put at ease and for even the longest procedures.

Positioning & Access to the Oral Cavity

The cutaway base, stingray shaped backrest, movable armrests ensures you can position yourself close to your patients, without compromising your position. Also the double articulting headrest and 60 degree swivel ensures you have a good line of vision to the oral cavity.

Choice of 4 Delivery Options

A-dec offer a options for delivery to suit the way you and your team work, within the space you have. Opt for the Traditional Hanging, or Continental delivery on the chair. Alternatively talk to our surgery design team about a rear, or side cabinet mounted system.

A-dec are world leaders in design and manufacture of dental equipment. A-dec's attention to detail is second to none. With 95% of all parts being made in the own factory in Oregon, they can assure their customers quality, craftsmanship and reliability in every product. A-dec products have a reputation for outlasting any of its competitors products.

A-dec has a reputation for designing and manufacturing high performance dental equipment
The A-dec 400 Treatment Centre also has these outstanding features:

Craddles the Patient

Virtual pivot, synchronizing the movement of the chair with the anatomy and motion of the patient for smooth ride.

Ultra-thin Backrest

Ensures better access to the oral cavity by being able to get tight in under the chair, improving posture and thus reducing neck and shoulder fatigue.

Faster Patient Positioning

The hydraulic base and smoothnss of the electro-mechanical itilt, allowing for quicker patient positioning.


The 60 degree swivel brake allows 30 degree rotation on each side of centre for superior access to the oral cavity.

Double-articulating headrest

For easy adjusting for optimal patient positioning.

Two-position armrests

Enable comfortable arm/elbow support with a robust weight-bearing design for easy patient entry and exit.

A toeboard tilt design.

Provides the patient with a comfortable support of the lower leg.

Rich upholstery

Includes sleek seamless and luxurious sewn styles – both available in a wide range of designer colours.

Monitor Upgrade

Dual pivot arm includes pre-routed HDMI and power cables. Support-side monitor mount swivels 430° and pivots up to 85° to accommodate viewing from the seated and supine positions.

Extensive Warranty

Chair comes with a 5 year warranty.

A-dec 400 Dental Chair with Traditional Hanging Delivery.
A-dec 411 Dental Chair
Range of Lift Height

13.75" to 31.5" (349cm to 800cm) Low Point 14.75" (375mm) with dual mounting.

Total Length at Maximum Extension

72" (1829mm)

Thin Flexible Backrest

1" (25mm)

Chair Swivel

60" (30 degree each side of the centre)

Left/Right Convertible


Dual Articulating Gliding Headrest


Integrated 300 Watt power supply


Fingertip or foot control


Drive System

Hybrid Drive (electromechanical tilt, hydraulic base)

Upholstery Options

Sewn or Seamless

Monitor Mount Options

Light, Monitor Arm

Delivery Systems for the A-dec 400 Dental Chair
Control Block

Standard 3-position block

Left/ Right Conversion


Handpiece Holder Positions


Brake Handle

1 Standard, 2nd optional

Delux Touchpad Available


Quad-Voltage Intraoral light source


Foot Control

Wet/dry, wet/dry with chip blower or lever

Balanced Flexarm with Air Brake

Yes, except A-dec 336


Balanced flexarm with air brake

A-dec 333 - Continental Radius Mount

A-dec 335 - Continental Support Mount

A-dec 332 - Traditional Radius Mount

A-dec 334 - Traditional Support Mount

Manual Height Adjustment

A-dec 336 - Traditional Radius Mount

Integrated Saliva Ejector

Optional in select markets on A-dec 336

Site survey: Recommended

The A-dec 400 Dental Chair includes the following upgrade options:

   Upgrade Type
ActeonSoproCare Camera Handpiece
ActeonSoproLife Camera Handpiece
ActeonUSB Mini Camera Docking Station
ActeonActeon Mini LED Curing Light
NSKEA-53 Micro Motor
DurrCAS1 Amalgam Separator
W&HAdvanced Air
W&HPrimea RK-97 5 x LED Turbine
W&HPrimea RG-97 1 x LED Turbine
W&HPrimea RQ-24 Coupling with Light and Integrated Spray
W&HPrimea RQ-34 Coupling with Light and Adjustable Integrated Spray
A-decSpittoon Valve
A-decLarge Tray Holder
A-decAdditional Non-switched Assistant’s Holder
A-dec561 Cuspidor Support Centre
A-dec581 Monitor Mount (for 561 Cuspidor Support Centre)
A-dec482 Monitor Mount
A-dec376 LED Ceiling Light
A-dec375 LED Wall Light
A-dec377 LED Track Mounted Light
A-dec576 LED Ceiling Light
A-dec575 LED Wall Light
A-dec577 LED Track Mounted Light
A-dec533 Continental Delivery Systems (inc. Deluxe Plus T/ Pad)


A-dec Upholstery Brochure

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A-dec 400 Dental Chair

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