Planmeca Compact™ i3 Dental Chair Package

Small, swift and clever

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  • Planmeca Compact i3 Dental Chair
  • Planmeca Compact i3 Dental Chair
  • Planmeca Compact i3 Dental Chair
  • Planmeca Compact i3 Dental Chair
  • Planmeca Compact i3 Dental Chair
  • Planmeca Compact i3 Dental Chair
  • Planmeca Compact i3 Dental Chair
  • Planmeca Compact i3 Dental Chair

The Planmeca Compact™ i3 Dental Chair is a small, flexible unit:


5-year standard warranty 


The Planmeca Compact™ i3, a nimble and intelligent device, offers exceptional flexibility, enabling dental professionals, whether right or left-handed, to comfortably work in any position.


The purpose behind the design of Planmeca Compact i3 is to streamline routine dentistry tasks. With its user-friendly touch panel, the dental unit provides guidance in your preferred language. Additionally, the unit's straightforward design ensures that external infection control procedures are effortlessly executed.


Individual preferences can be accommodated through customisation of the unit, allowing users to select desired features, such as integrating an intraoral scanner, making it highly adaptable and tailored to their needs.

Planmeca was established in 1971 and is a Finnish manufacturer of high-tech dental equipment, such as 3D and 2D digital imaging devices, dental units, CAD/CAM solutions, and software. Planmeca offer dental clinics a completely digital solution, based on the capability to network all digital dental equipment with one software platform.

The additional benefits of the Planmeca Compact™ i3 Dental Chair are:

From right to left in 10 seconds

With Planmeca Compact i3, switching from right to left-hand use takes a mere 10 seconds by moving the instrument console, without the need to adjust the operating light. This practical feature makes it an ideal solution for clinics with multiple dentists using the same dental unit and limited space.


Planmeca Compact i3 seamlessly integrates into any clinic layout, providing ample working space for comfortable operation in both sitting and standing positions. The compact instrument console can be conveniently positioned above the patient, promoting an ergonomic posture throughout the day. Moreover, the unit's swivel function enables precise adjustments according to your personal preferences.

Planmeca PlanID

The dental unit features the innovative Planmeca PlanID™ sign-in system, enabling dentists to access their personalised settings instantly. This flexible approach eliminates the need for assigning specific units to individual users, making it easier for clinics to utilise their equipment efficiently.

Planmeca Compact i3 Dental Chair
Specifications for the Planmeca Compact™ i3 Dental Chair 
Mains frequency:

50 or 60 Hz (cycles) independent of the mains voltage setting

Power consumption

The idle power consumption is less than 300 VA. Maximum power consumption is 1450VA.

Water inlet pressure

3 bar to 9 bar (43 psi to 130 psi)

Air inlet pressure

5,5 bar to 9 bar (80 psi to 130 psi)

Suction line pipe

ø min. 50 mm (2”)


About 130 kg

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