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Seating for the Whole Practice Team

Are you working in pain? Is it time to change of seat?

Ergonomics is key in any practice and an important part of that is working to eliminate physical stresses on the body that can be caused by hours of providing clinical treatments in an unnatural position. 

If you estimate that the average dentist changes their dental stools maybe once in 12 years, if you extrapolate the figures for a 40-hour working week, over that period of 12 years, which adds up to a staggering 23,040 hours!  So, it's vital taking the time to make sure it's the right stool for you.

The three key factors that contribute to back problems in dental professionals are:

 - Stools that doesn't perform as you require;

 - Chair that is poorly designed;

 - Comprising your working position to accommodate the patient's needs

The team at Hague Dental Supplies are specialists in surgery design and understanding the requirements of the surgery. We have developed an extensive range of seating, as we understand that what's right for one person may not be right for another.

So, if you are a team member including a Receptionist, Practice Manager, Principal Dentist, Nurse or Specialist Associate, we hope this page will help you in making an informed decision.

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How to choose

Recommended Brands

So how does the Hague team support you in selecting the right seat?

Being independent and not being tied to one particular brand, you can be confident that you will get the possible solution.

We are authorised dealers in the UK for all our stool manufacturers. Having researched the industry our extensive selection of seats and saddles, will hopefully provide you with a solution for you. 

  • A-dec Dental Chair
  • Belmont Dental Chairs

Find the right stool for you


Search Recommended Equipment

By searching the internet you will be overwhelmed with choice. Use the filters below to show a selection of recommendations:

Woud you consider a saddle stool?

Woud you prefer a backrest on your stool?

Would you like armrests? Note: Ideal for those using a microscope.

Are you a nurse and require a swing arm or footring for your stool?

Are you working in pain?

Are you working in a dental laboratory?

Recommended Dental Stools

Dental Stool Range in Hague Dental showroom

With over 20 stools from leading brands for you to try and trial!

Visit our showrooms, where you can try and then trial (at your own practice) one of our many dental stools. Ensure your whole team are sitting comfortably, promoting efficiency and health in your practice.

It is a pleasure to know the Hague team. Apart from being an incredibly nice, punctual, they know what they are doing. They were helpful and easy to work with. Their products have held up well and their prices have always been amongst the most competitive. The customer service has been outstanding, very helpful and speedy.

Alina Smiltniekiene, Start Smiling, London, WG2