Dental Surgery Design & Refurbishment

  • Dental Practice Design for a pioneering dental laboratory in Oxfordshireental
  • Good dental surgery design ensures integration
  • Surgery Design is more than ergonomics, consider the aesthetic for a calm enviroment.

The Importance of Good Design for your Clinical Area

A good surgery layout is one that has been ergonomically designed environment to improve productivity of the dental team, improving the quality of care for dental patients while protecting the physical well-being of the operating team. 

Any dental professional will tell you that sitting at chairside all day is very uncomfortable and may result in lower back pain, tendonitis, and/or neuromuscular or musculoskeletal complications. Dental Surgery Design ensures seamless integration keeps your equipment where you and your assistant can quickly and comfortably access it. No more getting up during a procedure, or taking your focus off the oral cavity. Because having everything at your fingertips is a more efficient way to practice.

There are hundreds of options for dental chair packages when you consider, the make, the model and available formats - plus then all the options to create the specification; integrating those options within the package can avoid additional foot controls, cables and pipes.

Often rooms are designed where clinical devices are stored on countertops or in drawers that are not easily accessible and often result in a cluttered dental operatory environment.  a layout for your room  we ensure that you have the technology integrated into your dental delivery system,  providing a more efficient workspace.

The workflow and layout of cabinetry and your equipment selection should balance to improve efficiency, speed, reduced physical stress, patient comfort, access and safety and optimal visibility for both dentist and dental assistant.

Key Elements to Consider

There are so many ways to design a surgery, the results can vary so much – it can be the chance for you to finally get the room you deserve, to work in the most suitable way.  However, in order to reliably achieve the optimum design, it is vital that there is strong communication between the client, sales person & designer.

  • Our Dental Surgery Design takes into account all of the following:
  • - the type of dentistry; 
  • - if it is a shared room/ for an associate (who may change);
  • - how the user works/ in what position they want to be in; any ailments (like lower back or shoulder pain);
  •  - feedback on historical equipment and layouts (likes/ dislikes);
  • - clients branding and options for different styles of environment;
  • - how the practice functions (central storage/ surgery storage).
Once we have an established the wish list for the layout, and selected the most suitable equipment- the final design can create an efficient clutter-free cockpit around the dentist, and an area that best suits the nurse's position and workflow - overall blending ergonomics and aesthetics, without compromising on longevity, reliability or expensive maintenance.
Jim Hague, Director

How we can help

Our team of designers and equipment specialists at Hague have been developing new rooms and refurbishing existing surgeries for over 25 years. 

Our turnkey approach to dental surgery design brings together a selection of eight services that ensure the fit our of your new surgery is a straight forward as possible:

Experienced CAD Designers

By visiting your practice and a visit to our showroom we understand your optimal way of working. This is paired with looking at further considerations of the room i.e door position, patient access, windows and light and current service positions.

Equipment Selection

Many rooms that we design are of such a shape and size that this dictates the chair for the room. As suppliers for many of the world's top manufacturers such as Belmont and A-dec we are confident that there will be a model that will suit. We also offer an extensive range of pre-owned packages. 


Bespoke cabinetry can offer much more choice than off-the shelf types and can really utilise each nook and cranny to fit the room. Our medical grade furniture offers the benefit of ensuring it is sealed to avoid it harbouring bacteria and is able to withstand the higher levels of moisture in the air of a surgery.


We offer a large selection of high grade durable flooring with non-slip resistance. Flooring has come along way in recent years and we can help you choose a style. Consider a stone, concrete or wood look for a modern finish, that can blend with the other communal areas. 

Build & Services

Ensure your new or adapted room has the correct services for the equipment, sinks, ventilation etc you are looking to have installed. This includes the position of plumbing, electrics and airlines. Work closely with your engineering team to get this right first time.

Equipment Installation

You will be confident that your new equipment will be installed by highly experienced engineers. All who are manufacturer trained and highly approachable should you have any questions during the fit out. 


Our team ensure you are confident with your new equipment. Like having a new car, there are lots of features that perhaps you haven't had before and its vital you make the best of your new investment. We also ensure you understand the maintenance required. 

Service Contract

Spread the cost of your annual servicing with a Service Contract for your equipment. Annual servicing is now a requirement in line with CQC. Our team will ensure this is done at convenient time for the practice with minimal downtime. 

Visit Our Showroom

Dental Equipment Showrooms

Visualise plans and concepts alongside equipment

Experience our 3,000 sq ft showroom near Gatwick. See the 12 chair packages including the entire A-dec and Belmont equipment range under one roof. Pair this with stunning cabinetry ranges, flooring and lighting. See reception and deontamination layouts and be inspired by the possibilities in our 'Design Area'.

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Our Step-by-Step Process

  • Step 1: Initial Consultation at your Practice

    When we are approached to design and build new sterilisation rooms, we ensure we take into account not only where you think the new room might be, but also the space, surgeries and areas around the room. We will survey the space before drawing up your 2D CAD concepts.

  • Step 2: Space is always limited

    After surveying the room we will take into account the size of room you will require for the size of the practice. More surgeries require a greater space to house more equipment. However we understand also the limitations of space in practices.

  • Step 3: Bespoke and Flexible Solutions

    Since 1996 we have provided highly flexible “bespoke” solutions to a wide range of projects. We understand that every project requires different skill sets. So, for example, we can provide specialist builders or happy to work alongside your own.

  • Step 4: A highly experienced and diverse team

    Working with our team of specialists including CAD designers, equipment experts, specialists builders and dental engineers ensures you have the right experienced team behind you. Giving you with the confidence to know you are ticking all the legislation boxes. 

  • Step 6: Visit the largest and most extensive equipment showroom in the UK

    Visiting our showroom near Gatwick can help the process feel a little less daunting. Experiencing our decontamination room set up and comparing world-leading brands of equipment including W&H and NSK can help you decide the best solution for your practice.

  • Step 7: On Time and In-budget

    Our Project Management Service ensures your upcoming project comes in on time and in budget. Our highly experienced friendly team members work with you, to communicate clearly at every stage of the refurbishment.

  • Step 9: Handover & Training for you and your team

    Once your new equipment is installed. Our technical team will ensure you have the confidence to make the most of your new equipment. As well as ensuring you understand any service requirements for the future. 

  • Step 8: We’re not satisfied until you are

    We will work tirelessly with you until we have a fully thought through plan that meets your specific list of needs both now and in the future. We work hard to develop a trusted relationship with you that supports you and your practice for the long term.

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