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The multi-award-winning team at Hague Dental Supplies have been supporting dentists and clinicians in developing their practices for 25 years. We offer end-to-end bespoke solutions for all your practice refurbishment requirements. Your vision combined with our knowledge and experience ensure that the practice of your dreams becomes a reality.

We offer solutions to cover all aspects of practice refurbishments from the reception desk's bespoke design, through to the digital workflow. This experience encompasses both practice and showroom visits to ensure an informed decision can be reached.
James Fletcher, Project Manager

What we do

Practice and Surgery Refurbishment projects can feel a little overwhelming for our customers. Our turnkey 'Design Solutions' hopefully relieves some of that pressure.


Below are 8 areas we consider in every project:


Generating concepts and layouts for small to large scale projects. Developing rooms that look stunning but work ergonomically. We look to understand the way you and your team work, your style and brand then incorporate these into our designs.

Clear Logistics and planning is crucial to any dental practice refurbishment or dental squat practice

Logistics & Planning

Project Managers then start to look at the organisation and the implementation of the refurbishment. If we are working within a current practice, how to avoid costly downtimes and ensure as little disruption as possible.

Specialist Trades

Our teams are accustomed to working within the constraints of a busy practice. We understand the financial implications of project overrun. Working out of hours to ensure a job is not only finished on schedule but with a high-quality finish.

Products & Price

We've developed a range of equipment that are some of the most innovative (yet reliable) on the market. Being authorised dealers for our entire product range;  we ensure we have availability and stock of the right items at the right price.

Future Proofing

When helping you plan your new refurbishment we can with you to look at your priorities for the project and what you require immediately, but also what might come later for your business. In doing this we ensure services are positioned ready for this change and rooms are designed and developed with this in mind.

Equipment Installation

We understand the investment you are making purchasing this equipment. Expensive products of this kind needs specialist knowledge to ensure services are positioned correctly and it is installed by experienced engineers.

Handover & Training

After your building is finished and equipment is installed, we ensure you are confident to use and maintain these. Our Technical Director and Customer Service Manager will provide a full handover and staff training; this happens in two phases one immediately after completion and the other around a month or two afterwards. When other questions you have may arise.

Aftersales Support

Amongst all of these services that we offer, we want you to understand that we are here to support you way after the project finishes. Whether that be for your annual equipment servicing, team training, additional rooms or just for advice. Please see our case studies to know more about this.

Our Skillset

Our design solutions bring together a range of highly skilled service experts to help make your practice perfect. We have developed a team that has the knowledge and skills to ensure your practice refurbishment is completed, on time and in budget, to the highest standards the current dental industry demands:

Quality design is at the heart of any good dental practice refurbishment

In-House Design Teams

Working with 2D and 3D CAD software to help you visualise the space and the detail within that space

Quality trades for your dental practice refurbishment

Skilled Builders

Highly competant tradesmans in their respective trades including carpentry, electrics, plumbing and decoration.

Part of any good dental practice refurbishment is the quality equipment that ensures an efficient and effective workplace

Equipment Specialists

We've extensive knowledge of of not just our own products but other brands on the market, to ensure customers receive the right equipment.

Project Managers

Highly professional individuals working on your behalf to implement the refurbishment, leaving you free to do dentistry.

Medical Grade Flooring is a key part of any dental practice refurbishment

Specialist Floorers

Our hugely experienced floorers lay medical grade floors to your surgeries, decontamination rooms, reception and communal areas.

Cabinetry Joiners

Our cabinetry and furniture makers build products based on our exacting designs. All units are developed to withstand the demads of a busy practice.

The requirement for quality dental engineers for the installation of equipment during a dental practice refurbishment is not to be underestimated

Experienced Engineers

All of our engineers are certified by the manufacturers we work with, as well as being highly experienced in service and maintenance.

Customer Service

Supporting you all the way through the project should you require it, but also vitally with aftersales, service bookings, tech support and emergency repairs. 

Who we work with

We ensure when we are undertaking a dental practice refurbishment that we understand more about the way you work and the requirements you have to work efficiently and comfortably. We have experience of setting up surgeries and practices for the following dental specialities:

icon - person
  • General Dentists
  • Endodontics
  • Prosthodontics & Implantology
  • Orthodontists
  • Periodontics
  • Oral Hygiene
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Our Approach

We ensure we understand your requirements, apply our knowledge and experience and work with you to create the best design for your surgery. We apply four key areas of consideration when working on your project:

Exploring Ergonomics

Good ergonomic design creates a working environment where everything needed for a procedure is within easy reach of thus maintaining the health of the team.

Understanding Legislation

With practice inspections and CQC guidelines an important part of the modern dentists life the need to listen to their directives has become vital.

Equipment Selection

With so much choice out there its hard to know what product is best for you, we provide a product range for your surgery and practice, that we know is reliable and robust, and yet innovative and world leading. 

Practice Aesthetics

In recent years, there has been the requirement for practices not only to provide clinicial excellence but also a calming enviroment yet inspiring environment; that reflects a brand.

Visit Our Showroom

Dental Equipment Showrooms

Visualise ideas and demo equipment

Our extensive 3,000 sq ft showrooms near Gatwick are the largest in the UK. With 12 dental chair packages on display including the entire range from A-dec and Belmont, modern and traditional cabinetry, decontamination room layouts, digital and x-ray equipment and our stock of pre-owned equipment you can be sure to find what your looking for.

Appointments include evenings and weekends.

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Dental Surgery Design

Surgery Design and squat practice development

Minimizing downtime is at the front of our minds when it comes to upgrading your surgery. Working with you to retain the elements that you couldn’t do without, alongside new updates and upgrades with future proofing in mind, we ensure your dental surgery transformation creates a welcoming space for both you and your patients for a long time to come.

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Dental Reception Design

Ensuring a welcoming and friendly reception area is key for any new squat dental practice

Balancing your vision, practice aesthetics, ergonomics and legislation to create the ultimate welcome for your patients, our award-winning team will work with you from design to completion to create a reception area that both your team and your patients will be proud to spend time in.

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Dental Decontamination Room Design

Ensuring your decontamination room is separate from your surgery, we will work with your specific requirements and vision to set up your new room to be fully HTM 01-05 compliant and consider best practice for washing and disinfection, while offering a space that complements the rest of your practice.

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Dental Practice Relocation

Finding the right location is key to any dental squat practice success

A dental practice relocation managed by us is about minimizing your downtime, while working to deliver your vision for your new practice. Meeting legislative requirements and focusing on ergonomics for your patients, you and your team, we also provide an aesthetically pleasing space that everyone will enjoy. Our award-winning team will support you all the way, from design to build and beyond, and our experience will ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

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Dental Squat Practice Development

Finding the right location is key to any dental squat practice success

Working within the parameters of the building you have chosen and are no doubt excited to transform, we take the time to understand your vision and your wish-list properly. This enables us to turn this into a reality for you, while layering this with our own past design experience, legislation understanding and ergonomics for you, your team, and your patients.

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Large Multisite Scale Projects

Our Design and Project Management teams help communicate through plans, concepts and in meetings to work with your construction teams and architects to ensure nothing is over overlooked. Our professional team understand the high standards required on this kind of project.

We have been involved in development sites with Hospitals, Training School and Community Health since 1996.


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Our Step-by-step Process

  • Step 1: Your Practice Made Perfect

    Our goal is to create your dream practice that will provide a comfortable experience for you, your staff and your patients.

    We take the time to understand our clients vision for their new space in detail, as well relefecting on the way you work and your brand. 

  • Step 2: No Space Too Large or Small

    Whether your project is solely to replace a chair, to build a new squat practice or to development part of a health centre or hospital, our team's experience can support you to ensure that any work undertaken is completed with the same care, and precision, no matter what the size. 

  • Step 3: Bespoke and Flexible Solutions

    Need help figuring out what you want to achieve or how we can be part of your project? Since 1996 we have provided highly flexible “bespoke” solutions to a wide range of projects. We understand that every project requires different skill sets. So, for example, we can provide specialist builders or happy to work alongside your own.

  • Step 4: A highly experienced and diverse team

    During your refurbishment you will meet and work alongside some of the most experienced and knowledge individuals in the industry. Our multi-award-winning team comprise of designers, equipment specialists, dental engineers, builders, floorers, joiners, project managers to ensure your refurbishment is achieved to the highest level.

  • Step 5: We transform ideas into reality

    We consider 4 key areas in order to make your project become a reality. Each of these are equally important and essential to ensuring that your practice meets your personal, practical and legislative requirements.

  • Step 6: Visit the largest and most extensive equipment showroom in the UK

    Nothing beats a hands on demo. Our Equipment Showroom is more than a place to compare the leading products in the market. We call it a 'Practice Design Centre’. It is a unique space that helps you to choose the right equipment for you and inspires you to take your ideas to the next level.

  • Step 7: On Time and In-budget

    Downtime is key to any project we work on, whether that be a replacement of a desk in your reception or the development of a new build. We know time is money. Our reliable, friendly and knowledgeable team of project managers are there for you. We understand the stress involved in any project regardless of size. Our PMs are there to ensure we meet your expectations and aim to exceed them

  • Step 8 We’re not satisfied until you are

    We will work tirelessly with you until we have a fully thought through plan that meets your specific list of needs both now and in the future. We work hard to develop a trusted relationship with you that supports you and your practice for the long term.

  • Step 9 Handover & Training for you and your team

    A smooth handover at the end of a refurbishment is vital for you and those who work alongside you.

    We ensure your people have full confidence to work as effortlessly as possible with your new equipment. We also teach you how to maintain and extend its longevity and avoid expensive downtime.

  • Step 10 Always here for you

    Feel free to call upon us at any point during your refurbishment. We value establishing a close partnership that you can call upon long after your project is complete. Many of our clients developed their practices over 15 years ago with our team. We still continue to support them with engineering, technical advice and sometimes just a friendly ear.