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I decided to build my own practice because, after years of successful work as a dental associate, I felt a compelling drive to advance my career. I was eager to face a new challenge and ready for the next level – to create a space that truly reflected my vision and expertise.

My journey began with a desire for more than just clinical excellence. I wanted to build a practice that resonated with my personal and professional ethos.

Despite the risks of starting from scratch, such as potential financial instability and the daunting prospect of managing a business, I was driven by the fear of looking back at retirement filled with ‘what ifs’. In the end, the thought of stagnation was far scarier than the leap into the unknown.

Finding the right location was crucial. I looked for a spot that was not just strategically advantageous but also within a comfortable commute from West Sussex, where I was happily settled. In the end, the chosen site offered the perfect balance: good visibility, high foot traffic, and financial viability, all within a manageable distance from home.

Certainly, mentally and financially, the preparation was intense. I realised there were no emotional frameworks that could fully prepare me for the enormity of the risk. Financially, I armed myself with detailed budgets and reserves, anticipating that costs would invariably overrun. I made sure I had at least 50% more funds than the total of my estimates before I embarked on this project.

In truth, the building phase was a tense time when coordinating between various companies and tradespeople, despite having project managers. My vision for the practice demanded personal involvement at every step to ensure no detail was missed.

For example, the décor and ambiance of the practice were meticulously chosen to reflect professionalism and warmth, with an olive green and gold colour scheme that spoke of tranquillity and elegance. This decision, over which I took my time and was guided by a professional interior designer (Kirsty Hague – Interiors Director), ensured that the environment would be both welcoming and reflective of high standards.

The whole process was both exhausting and enlightening, as I juggled my full-time duties as a dentist with the myriad tasks of overseeing a large-scale construction. Many days, after work, I found myself responding to various important emails until very late and only sleeping in the early hours of the morning.

Although achieving your vision is an immensely time-consuming endeavour, the reward is immeasurable. Once the construction is complete and you finally stand within the walls of your own practice, the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming. Looking around at what you’ve built, you can’t help but feel immense pride in your achievement.

With the entire undertaking in mind, my advice is grounded in realism and preparation for fellow dentists considering such a venture. Understand the slow rhythm of business growth, prepare financially to buffer the stresses of the early stages, and harness a strong support network.

In addition, a good support circle is not just beneficial – it’s essential. It provides emotional encouragement, and practical advice, and can be a critical resource during tough times. Patience and steadfastness are your allies in the face of inevitable challenges, and having supportive peers and mentors can make a significant difference in navigating them successfully.

Equipment, surgery design, and practice interiors: Hague Dental Supplies Limited

Builder: Dentalbuild Limited

Website and Marketing: Five O’Clock Creative

MES003 CAD Drawings

”From the initial design consultations to the final walkthrough, Hague impressed me with their professionalism and expertise. They transformed an empty shell into my dream practice, staying true to my vision while offering valuable suggestions. I’m thrilled with the results. ”
Mina Messiha, Allround Dental

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