Sellex Slam Beam benches

Choose from 2, 3, or 4-seaters, perfect for waiting rooms

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  • Sellex Slam Beam 2 - 4 seater benches
  • Sellex Slam Beam 2 - 4 seater benches
  • Sellex Slam Beam 2 - 4 seater benches
  • Sellex Slam Beam 2 - 4 seater benches
  • Sellex Slam Beam 2 - 4 seater benches

The Sellex Slam Beam Bench Seating range comprises modular seating, designed for a wide range of facilities, but is perfect for dental reception and waiting room areas.

Indefinite Length

While following the same design principles as the Slam Chair, the seating beam of this model features a fully painted aluminum frame and legs. This design incorporates shared extrusion and injected aluminum, creating the illusion that the shells are "floating" in the air. Thanks to its conceptual design, this bench can be extended indefinitely in length.

2 to 4 Seater

Sellex Slam Beam Benches can be installed with 2 seats, 3, or 4, as demonstrated in the imagery above. So if space is an issue, this range provides a way around it.

Choice of Upholstery

The Sellex Slam Beam Bench Seating collection is available in a range of colours.

The Sellex Slam Beam Benches have a range of key features:


3D Wood (A): American Oak Plywood previously treated to be bent in three dimensions. 7mm Thickness and rounded edges.
2D Wood (B): Oak plywwod 11mm thickness.
Polypropylene (A): Polypropylene shell with 15%conformed fiberglass and variable thickness according to requirements. Rounded edge all along the perimeter 7mm thick.
Upholstered (A): Upholstered polypropylene shell with 15% fiberglass and 10mm thick foam and 45kg/m3 density.


Frame composed of two sides of injected aluminum ADC-12 quality, joined by an extruded aluminum beam
6063 T5 quality.

Tables Between Seats

The Sellex Slam Beam Benches range also has the optional feature of built-in tables between each seat, or placed to your demands. This feature is helpful for patients, but also for decoration.

Sellex Slam Beam 2 - 4 seater benches

Please see below brochure of Sellex Slam Beam Benches:

Upholstery Options

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