Durr VSA 300 S Suction Pump

Popular Single Surgery Motor

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  • Durr VSA 300 S Suction Pump is a single surgery pump
  • Durr VSA 300 S Suction Pump with noise reducer

The Durr VSA 300 S Suction Pump has been one of the most popular single surgery motors that has ever been developed for the dental industry. A reliable work horse for any treatment room.

Single surgery pumps such as the VSA 300 tend to be popular due to the fact that if one unit (room) goes down, then the rest of the practice still stays running. Central vacuum systems (Mulitple Surgery Suction Units) can prove costly.

The main reasons we promote the Durr VSA 300 are:


Fits in most cabinets easily and can be tucked away.


Compressed air fed into multiple surgeries simultaneously without interruption.

100% Duty Rating (Duty Cycle)

DÜRR compressors are ideal for keeping surgeries running smoothly as they should run without any delays unless switched off.

Adheres to Current Legistlation

With current guidance stating that pumps must have seperate amalgam seperation, the VSA300 S

Reliability and Cheap to Run

Very reliable compressors. Little maintainance is required and most engineers can work on the units and have access to parts.

Strong Support

If you do require it DÜRR offers good support to their clients/customer, with a solid UK base.

Sound Reduced

DÜRR compressors are known for being very discreet/quiet whilst feeding quality air to surgeries. 

All DÜRR compressors come with a 3 year warranty (subject to terms and conditions of servicing schedule).

Whether you've been in dentistry for a while or your new to the industry, you most likely will have seen a piece of DÜRR DENTAL equipment somewhere. DÜRR DENTAL SE are a German company set up in 1941 by the brothers Karl and Wilhelm Dürr. The company has gradually built itself up to now have around 1100 employees and a strong sector in 36 countries worldwide. All their products are fantastic and keep practices running smoothly and discreetly.

They have multiple options of equipment in areas of equipment, Diagnostic Systems, dental care and Hygiene.

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Addtional Benefits of the Durr VSA 300 S Suction Pump include:

Optional Sound Proof Housing

As pictured above, request a price for the optional housing. Most people find they don't require it, however some surgeries prefer to keep the surgery as calm and quiet as they possibly can.

Ergonomic design

User friendly, aesthetically pleasing and designed to compact all the components into as small a unit as possible.

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The Quattro specification:

Voltage (V 3~, Hz)

400, 50/60

Suction power (per unit) (l/min)


Delivery (per unit) at 5 bar 1) (l/min 2))


Tank capacity (l)


Pressure range 3) (bar)

6 - 7.8

Noise level 4) dB(A)

approx. 70-75, in cabinet approx. 54

Dimensions (H x W x D cm)

48 x 31 x 31

51 x 36 x 36 (with housing)

Weight (kg)

14 kg

21.5 kg (with housing)

Site survey: Recommended

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