Aquathin Reverse Osmosis Unit - Aqualite RODI Purifier

Awarded the Best Water Purification System USA & UK 2020

Category: Water Treatment Systems & Reverse Osmosis Units

  • Aquathin Reverse Osmosis Unit
  • Aquathin Reverse Osmosis Unit
  • Aquathin Reverse Osmosis Unit
  • Aquathin Reverse Osmosis Unit

This Aquathin Reverse Osmosis Unit is comprised of three patents to give you the most state-of-the-art, effective and efficient water treatment system in the world.

Hassle-free Maintenance

The Aquathin Reverse Osmosis Unit is easy to maintain. The prefilter, deionization module, and post-filter require annual replacement. The RO-membrane will last 2-3 years before it needs replacing.

99.99% Purification

This system produces salt-free water and eliminates 99.99% of Heavy Metals. Chemicals, Pesticides, THM’s, Asbestos, disease-causing water borne microorganisms, Slug Poison, Pharmaceuticals, drug residues, hormones and petrochemicals.  

Refills on Demand

The Aqualite RODI Purifier is capable of refilling on demand, eliminating the need for you to ever purchase bottled water for your practice again.

Aquathin Reverse Osmosis Unit

Constant Supply of Drinking Water

With the Aquathin Reverse Osmosis Unit, your practice will have access to a constant supply of pure drinking water.

Removes Harmful Substances

The system is highly effective in eradicating viruses, microplastics, organics, pharmaceuticals etc, ensuring water supplied by your practice is harmless to all staff and patients, improving the overall hygiene.

Aquathin Reverse Osmosis Unit
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