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Project Overview

3-Surgery practice

Interior concept: Classic Modern

Belmont chair packages

Bespoke medical-grade cabinetry

Project Management 

My first introduction to Hague was at the beginning of 2023. We were researching different dental companies online and Hague came up so we reached out to set up the initial meeting.

We met with a few dental companies at the start of our project to explore what options we had with the empty space. Of all the companies, Hague gave us the most confidence that they understood our vision and could execute the project to the standard we were looking for.

We visited the Hague Showroom & Design Centre a few times and would definitely recommend this when selecting dental equipment and materials as it’s helpful to visualise the floor plans and 3D drawings. There are some great display samples to look at in the showroom e.g. medical-grade cabinetry which helped us to decide the colour scheme and material choices.

All members of the Hague team we’ve dealt with have been friendly, professional, very helpful, and flexible – we’ve always managed to work with and around each other. We’re happy with the time frame it’s taken to complete the project and we’ve managed to stay reasonably within budget.

Years of knowledge and experience in this field showed through in Hague’s planning and execution of the project. The team was good at communicating and explaining information to us. The project ran smoothly and was well managed. Hague provided the CAD drawings for the new practice – the layouts they recommended are ergonomic and the 3D visualisation helped us to visualise the space and plan the interiors.

Hague provided the build team for this project. I did not have a lot of direct contact with the builders however the site throughout the project was well maintained and looked after. The build team was quick and efficient. A few details needed tidying up near the end, but they were efficient and finished any snagging promptly.

Hague provided detailed handover and training on the equipment to ensure we were familiar with the equipment and could operate it effectively.

We opted for Hague’s Project Management service which made the running of the project a lot smoother and it was very convenient for me to have one main point of contact to communicate with who knew the whole project. Darren Shaw (Hague Project Manager) has been great throughout, keeping me constantly updated and he’s always available to help.

I selected Belmont dental chair packages as I’ve previously worked with the brand – it also has a good reputation and offers superb quality.

I’ve worked with Kirsty (Interiors Director) on the interior design for the practice and she was amazing at bringing my vision and ideas to life. She’s guided me throughout the project and the result is even better than predicted. I am pleased I followed Kirsty’s recommendations – she has a good eye for detail.

What’s your favourite part of your new practice?

The overall look and finish – no regrets with the colour scheme and design. Everyone who’s visited the practice thinks it looks great and we get so many compliments. The surgeries are more spacious than I expected.

What have you learned on this journey that you could share to help others? 

This was a new journey for me and there were a lot of new things I learned along the way. The team at Hague has a lot of knowledge and experience setting up new practices and has come across nearly every situation, so if any doubt always ask as they’ll most likely have a solution or be able to guide you in the right direction.

Try to have a clear vision and goal that you’re aiming for and make sure everyone involved in the project understands this. Try not to keep changing decisions as this can slow the progression of the project down as well as add to costs.

Attend the local dental exhibitions to explore all the options of companies and products out there. There will be a lot of companies you’ll be introduced to that will be relevant for a new practice along the journey, and many have already worked with Hague. The dental shows are a good way to network and find deals.

Use available resources to brainstorm and help make decisions e.g. interiors – Kirsty and I shared ideas via a mood board on Pinterest. Having a look online helped me to figure out what I do and don’t like in terms of colours, materials, and the overall feel. This then helped guide Kirsty and I on our final design.

CAD layout Tooth Doc Ltd

”I would highly recommend Hague. The process from start to finish has run smoothly and the project was well managed. The team are very knowledgeable and has supported us to reach our goal. My vision has been clearly understood and Hague have delivered above my expectations. We are very excited to start our new journey and look forward to working with Hague again.”
Lith Linganathan, Tooth Doc

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