Features of a Good Dental Surgery Design

Dental Surgery Design

What are the Features of a Good Dental Surgery Design?

Although modern automated equipment benefits dentists and their patients, attention to layout and décor are equally essential for good dental surgery design. Our surroundings can have a profound effect on our feelings. Few would fail to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity when sitting by a campfire, gazing at the stars and listening to crickets chirping or strolling the golden sands of a tropical island. Likewise, we take great pains to decorate our homes and furnish them attractively while ensuring a practical layout conducive to our day-to-day activities.

The choice of décor and furnishings is just as important when setting up a dental practice, and so is its layout. Despite the many remarkable advances in dentistry, patients often remain apprehensive when it is time for a checkup or they require treatment. However, like the stars and crickets, the surgery’s design can help them relax.

Dentists also need to ensure their patients remain comfortable, hence the importance of a well-upholstered chair. However, while a patient may spend half an hour or so in the chair, the dentist will spend the entire day attending to patients. Consequently, an ergonomically efficient clinical area is equally essential to ensure the dentist’s well-being.

The Key Elements of Dental Surgery Design

When designing a surgery, the possibilities are virtually endless. However, it remains essential to ensure that it adequately meets the needs of your practice. There are four main aspects to consider when making your choices as follows:

      • Visual Appeal: It is easy to overlook aesthetics when focussing on efficiency, but it would be a mistake to ignore the effect the surroundings can have on patients and staff. Dental equipment and furnishings are now available in a wide range of colours. The freedom of choice enables one to create an appealing and relaxing workspace while reassuring patients of professionalism and quality care.

        • Ergonomics: Excessive bending and stretching frequently lead to debilitating musculoskeletal disorders such as chronic lower back pain. Consequently, when selecting furniture and equipment, choose items that allow easy access to everything you need to perform your services effectively and comfortably.

          • Quality: Equipping a new practice or refurbishing an existing one requires a substantial investment, and it might be tempting to shop around for bargains. Only by ensuring robust and efficient equipment can you guarantee the quality of service your patients deserve.
        • Legislation: The Care Quality Commission (CQC) requires dentists to observe five specified standards, of which two should influence your design choices. The first of these is safety. Your design must ensure a safe environment for staff, patients and visitors. The second requirement is to provide a treatment area that will enable effective care leading to satisfactory outcomes and promoting good quality of life for patients and practitioners.

        Getting Professional Help With Your Dental Surgery Design

        When you purchase equipment from Hague Dental Supplies, you will not only be assured of its quality. Our services include expert advice on all the essential requirements for designing a dental surgery that is safe, effective, ergonomically efficient, visually appealing and CQC compliant. Why not check out our extensive range of equipment and furnishings from the industry’s leading brands?