Dental Practice Design Ideas

Reviewing Possible Dental Practice Design Ideas

While up to five years of study for an undergraduate degree and at least two more of foundation training to gain the General Dental Council’s accreditation may prepare one to treat patients, it teaches little about the mechanics of setting up a practice. Often, newly registered practitioners will begin their careers by seeking employment in an existing surgery. However, at some stage, most choose to operate their own practice or establish a partnership with one or two colleagues. At this point, some tips about dental practice design could prove invaluable.

What to Consider

The four basic requirements to consider as part of your dental practice design include:

Ergonomics: A workspace created with a good ergonomic design means everything needed for a procedure is easily accessible, and this further contributes to your team’s health and productivity.

Legislation: CQC rules and guidelines paired with practice inspections play a significant role in every modern dentist’s life and require close attention to their instructions and regulations.

Aesthetics: Clinical excellence and patient wellbeing aside, a practice that is aesthetically pleasing in its design, layout and visual impact will further reflect your brand’s philosophy, care and commitment. 

Quality Equipment: Dental practice design isn’t complete without a stellar, innovative product range of dental equipment that can transform your practice and enhance the patient’s experience and satisfaction.

Other essential dental practice equipment includes a suitable dental chair for your patients, an ergonomic stool for yourself and your assistant, a suction pump, operating lights and some ultrasonic scaling and polishing equipment. These should all be readily available from most dental supplies companies. However, intensive use leads to wear and tear, so consider spending a little extra on these items to ensure reliable performance and longevity. Incidentally, when planning your dental practice design, it’s worth noting the Covid variants seem set to be a long-term concern. Purchasing an extraoral suction unit to capture stray aerosols will leave both your hands free for dentistry.

The Next Step is Digital

Technological advances in the field of dentistry are constantly evolving, and digital dental equipment will only enhance your dental practice design. As the general population is becoming more concerned about caring for their teeth, they are also becoming more mindful of the latest technologies on offer that will not only drastically improve their experience and appearance but also provide an environment that is safe, reliable and accurate. Digital dentistry can propel a practice to new heights, as it allows patients to better visualise the problem or procedure at hand, which affords dentists the opportunity to consult their patients with confidence and efficiency.

That said, planning and implementing a dental practice design and its intricacies are tasks best left to the specialists. While you may have a dream, it takes experience and expertise to transform a concept into a project. This type of transformation is a field in which Hague Dental Supplies has excelled for more than twenty-five years.

Your Dental Practice Design Partner Whether setting up a new squat practice, refurbishing a current one or relocating to more suitable premises, our professionals will meet every need and support you at every step of the journey. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about dental practice design.