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Modern and dynamic desk

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Modern character and dynamic form, the Valde reception desk was designed to meet the requirements of a contemporary dental reception.

Modular desk

Modular construction allows to freely customize and extend the layouts. Corner desk, semi-circular, straight or an irregular shape – with Valde every configuration is possible. 

Modern glossy front

Modern reception with glossy white fronts indicates tidiness and sterility of the interior. Furthermore, the chosen colour can function as a complementary element of the visual identification of the company. Horizontal aluminium stripes emphasise a dynamic character of the Valde desk.

Wheelchair Users

By employing the low module with overhang worktop, the desk eases communication with mobility-challenged customers.

Available versions

Straight, corner or curved.


Optional worktop with a monitor shelf, a Cargo pedestal, LMS05 storage and LMS06 front.

Cable Management

Optional systems of vertical and horizontal cable management.

LED Illumination

LED illumination at the full length of the reception desk.

Site survey: Recommended