Clarke Rendall Zed Reception Desk

Helps Provide Further Safety to Desk User

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  • Zed Reception Desk
  • Zed Reception Desk
  • Zed Reception Desk
  • Zed Reception Desk
  • Zed Reception Desk

The Zed Reception Desk is fitted with a privacy screen made from filmed glass.

Privacy & Protection

The filmed glass on the front of the Zed Reception Desk helps to provide the operative behind the desk with further security, particularly popular amongst practices since the COVID-19 outbreak. Customers are also happy to see this sort of thing for the same reason, so the Zed has been increasing in popularity. 

Logo Panel

A logo panel can be built into the Zed desk as an optional extra. Perfect for helping your practice and your brand stand out.

Zed Shield

This desk is also available with a more protective shield as opposed to a single block of filmed glass, as seen on the image carousel above.

Different Models

The Zed Reception Desk is available in 14 different models, giving you a range of options and fits that can be tailored towards the demands and requirements of your practice. See the flipbook below for different models and pricing for each.

Adjustable Height Desktop

Our desk ranges have the optional extra of a push button, which is silent and motor driven and allows you to adjust the height of your work surface to your demands.

Additional Pedestal

A three drawer, slimline mobile pedestal is available as an extra with the Zed Reception Desk.

Zed Reception Desk

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