Smarten up Your Dental Practice with our Reception Refurbishment Ideas

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Reception Refurbishment Ideas to Smarten up Your Dental Practice

First impressions count, and they can often shape the perception of a business positively. Investing in a reception refurbishment could put an ailing dental practice on the road to success. A welcoming and modern reception area will contribute to making patients feel more comfortable and reassured in your practice.  

Despite the many improvements in the techniques and equipment employed in a modern dental practice, the mere thought of an upcoming dental appointment still holds visions of pain and general discomfort for many patients. Perhaps one of the most effective ways for practitioners to allay those fears is to create an environment that will calm their patients and inspire confidence. As any proficient interior decorator will maintain, décor can profoundly affect a person’s moods and reactions.

However, effective dental reception design requires more than a lick of paint and sprucing up the furniture. It’s a task for an experienced professional that will require evaluating your current layout, identifying those areas that need improvement and implementing the changes as seamlessly as possible to minimise practice downtime. The process will include suitable colour choices, signage, seating and selecting the best dental practice furniture to complete the planned transformation.

New trends in reception refurbishment

Every part of your reception area presents an opportunity for the seasoned designer. Walls make up one of the largest areas of any room. There are two novel ways to add to their visual appeal.

  • Effective signage: It’s not enough to display the name of your practice and some certificates of accomplishment. Although those certificates are reassuring, promoting your brand requires more. Bold and trendy lettering in colours consistent with that brand can make a big difference to a new patient’s perception of you and your services.
  • Feature walls: A well-chosen, tasteful wallpaper can indicate quality and attention to detail, but many now perceive this as outmoded and inconsistent with the newer trends in reception refurbishment. A feature wall is one option that epitomises progressiveness and is sure to draw favourable attention.

This choice provides several options. For example, a mural of a sunny lakeside or gently flowing river and colourful flora is a clear invitation to sit back and relax. Alternatively, you might like to go a step further and substitute live greenery for the painted facsimiles, a growing trend in feature wall design and the perfect way to complement some modern dental practice furniture in a waiting or reception area.

The process of dental practice refurbishment

Inspirational practice design and refurbishment are specialities of Hague Dental Supplies, and our stepwise approach is your guarantee of satisfaction. Here are the three key steps in the process:

  • Survey your premises: This step allows us to draft initial drawings and provide a cost estimate.
  • Visualisation: The initial drawings are enhanced using CAD software, creating 2D and 3D images to provide you with a preview.
  • Implementation: Finally, we prepare an action plan to ensure all bespoke furnishings and features are as specified before installing them on time and within your agreed budget.

If you insist on quality, efficiency and value for money and plan a reception refurbishment, we are the UK’s foremost dental reception design specialists. Don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Hague Dental Supplies branch.