mdd Locker Plus

Versatile storage system with customisable functionality

Category: Storage

  • Mdd Locker Plus
  • Mdd Locker Plus with Plant Extension

This mdd Locker Plus Cabinet offers a versatile storage system with customisable functionality, ensuring there is a place for everything.


Offered in segments of 410 mm and 800 mm widths, this product comes in a range of single, double, and triple height cabinet configurations. Additionally, customers can choose from options such as shelves, hangers, or drawers to suit their specific needs.


Available with patented digital code or card lock delivered with 2 magnetic cards

Pot Plant Extensions

The 800 mm wide modules are designed to align perfectly with the dimensions of the Standard collection. They can be enhanced with plant pot extension units, providing an opportunity to introduce greenery into the room and create a more vibrant atmosphere.

Various Colour Options

Available in a range of different colours, this storage space is capable of injecting new life into your practice. The colour range also allows you to implement your own style and display.

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