Vatech Green X

The Advanced 4 in 1 Digital X-Ray Imaging System

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The Vatech Green X has increased functions on software with advanced density detection.

Endo Mode

The Vatech Green X has a dental mode and an endo mode. The endo mode is ideal for endodontic use as it provides a high resolution image of regions of interest the dentist might want to concentrate on (as shown in the image above).

4 in 1 Digital X-Ray Imaging System

This system incorporates pano, ceph (optional), CBCT and model scan. Dental imaging is an area of Vatech's industry expertise, and the new innovation of the Green X provides an extremely high-quality standard of images, with lower radiation. These high quality images will aid in the accuracy of diagnostics, which in turn will help the treatment planning phase and patient satisfaction. 

Multi FOV Selection

A standout feature of the Green X is its multi FOV selection. This offers a range of different fields of view, focusing on the full arch region, sinus and left/right TMJ, to filter down on diagnostics and make it easier to identify the problem. The FOV selection also covers most oral surgery cases and multiple implant surgeries.

5 Year Full Parts Warranty

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Low Dose

The Vatech Green X emits a low dose of radiation, obviously beneficial for any practice for various reasons. 

Insight 2.0

The insight pan function can take a multi-layered panoramic image, providing an in-depth view across a single focal trough. Insight 2.0 comes with an upgraded free FOV feature, through this the image can capture solely the area of interest.

Green Scan Time

The Green X scan time enables faster workflow through a faster scan time. Although quick, the diagnostic images produced are of an excellent, detailed quality, enhancing reliability and allowing for more accurate treatment planning. 

3D Scanning for Models

This feature enables users to store plasters as digital models. 

Free FOV
The specification of Vatech Green X is:

CT + Pano + Ceph + Model Scan

Focal Spot Size


CT FOV Size:

16x9cm : 4x4, 5x5, 8x5, 8x8, 12x9, 16x9 cm

Voxel Size

4x4 - 0.05mm

5x5 - 0.08mm / 0.12mm

8x5 / 8x8 - 0.12mm / 0.2mm

12x9 / 16x9 - 0.2mm / 0.3mm

Scan Time

Pano - 4.0 sec / 14.1 sec

Ceph - 1.9 sec / 4.9 sec

CBCT - 2.9 sec / 9.0 sec

Gray Scale

14 Bit

Tube Voltage / Current

60 - 99 kVp / 4 - 16 mA


Without CEPH Unit - 162.9 kg (359.13 lbs - without base) / 217.9 kg (480.38 lbs - with base)

With CEPH Unit - 187.9 kg (414.25 lbs - without base) / 242.9 kg (535.50 lbs - with base)


With CEPH Unit - 1905.5 mm (L) x 1374.9 mm (W) x 2315.4mm (H) - without base / 1905.5 mm (L) x 1374.9 mm (W) x 2345.4mm (H) - with base

Without CEPH Unit - 1085.0 mm (L) x 1343.5 mm (W) x 2315.4 mm (H) - without base / 1085.0 mm (L) x 1343.5 mm (W) x 2345.4 mm (H) - with base


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