Cattani Micro Smart Suction Pump

High-Level Performance for a Single Surgery

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  • Cattani Micro Smart Suction Pump delivers a high performance with low power consumption.
  • Cattani Micro Smart Suction Pump has an optional sound reducing housing
  • Cattani Micro Smart Suction Pump has the option of the 'Cube' housing

The Cattani Micro Smart Suction Pump is an incredibly powerful motor that is designed to support a single surgery. Its really worth looking in detail at this unit if you are considering an upgrade and planning to use for more specialist treatments. 

The highlights of this Cattani Micro Smart are:


The Cattani Micro Smart Suction Pump is smart, hence its name. It only uses the power needed, therefore reducing your costs for power consumption and also the amount of heat given off.

Reflecting Your Treatments with Patented Technology

A remote use keypad enables you to instantly control vacuum and air flow levels, at the touch of a button. You choose from 3 preset vacuum settings:

i) Low Volume at 70 mBar - For Orthodontics. Is recommended for the use of the saliva ejector to maintain a low level of fluids at the base of the mouth, without damaging delicate tissues.

ii) High Volume at 100 mBar - For Conservation Procedures. Is recommended for the use of the HVE spray interceptor which aspirates the stream of water and air from the syringe and rotating instruments, such as the sprays from scalers. Keeping discomfort and noise caused by the aspirated air to a minimum.

iii) High Volume at 210 mBar - For Oral Surgery and Implantology. Recommended for the use of the surgical tip, which keeps the operating area clear and provides good visibility, also aiding in cross infection control.

Monitor Easily

The keypad on the Cattani Micro Smart Suction Pump not only enables you to change the power but also to check the output of your unit. It will also display any errors on the system so you can inform your engineer, so they can log this ahead of a callout and possible even avoid costly visits.

Reduced Noise and Optional Housing

By controling your units output you can also reduce its noise. However, if noise is a concern please ask re the 3 upgradeable options including the Cattani Micro Smart 'Cube' (pictured above), a sound reducing cabinet or an outdoor housing.

Extended Warranty

The quality of the manufacturer is reflected in that all Micro Smart suction systems have a 3 year warranty (Terms & Conditions apply).

Cattani, formally known as Cattani Spa (est. 1967), first started in Italy. In 1989 Cattani UK were introduced into dentistry. Cattani UK have earned their reputation from 30 years in the market place, supplying suction and compressed air, via the leading dental retailers, to dental facilities, hospitals, universities and the military. The standard of the products they offer is amazing which could definitely explain why they're the world leading manufacturers for air technology equipment.

They offer a cluster of different innovative products such as high quality suction pumps and compressors, amalgam separators, suction tips and adaptors, disinfectant and sanitising products.

Additional features of the Cattani Micro Smart Suction Pump include:

Robust enough to reassure you

In difficult operational conditions, for example high temperatures, Micro Smart continues to operate without any damage to the unit. It does this through automatically decreasing the vacuum level until the temperature
returns to normal.

In the case of excessive fluids from the surgeries entering the Micro Smart, an auto-protection system operates,

In cases of sudden voltage fluctuations and/or current overload within the system’s parameters, the systemcontinues to operate, thanks to Micro Smart’s computerised control momentarily opening a re-circulation valve, thus stopping the unit from being flooded.

Fully Compliant

The most effective cyclone amalgam separator available also. Supplied with a ISO4 built-in amalgam separation and pre-wired for installation,so is compliant with ISO 11143.

Long-term, Cost Effective

Optimising control can halve the machine’s power usage, significantly reducing running costs and noise output without affecting performance.


Ask re the range of accessories for the Micro Smart.

The specification of the Micro Smart:
Product Code


No. of Surgeries

single surgery 

Output power

1.12kW – 6.3A 230v 50Hz

Max. flow

916 l/min

Max. vacuum level

210mbar (continuous service)

Noise level



W380 D350 H600 (mm)

Net Weight


Gross Weight


Site survey: Recommended

Cattani Company Catalogue

Cattani Micro Smart Brochure

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