Acteon Newtron P5 B LED Ultrasonic Scaler

Mid-Range Table Top Piezo Unit

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  • Acteon Newtron P5 XS B LED Ultrasonic Scaler with Bluetooth Technology
  • Acteon Newtron P5 B LED Ultrasonic Scaler with a large choice of tips.

Acteon's Newtron Piezo Ultrasonic scaler range unit, offers more flexibility than a built in scaler.

Choose between the standard Newtron P5 B LED, or upgrade to the Newtron P5 XS B LED, with its external irrigation system, as well as it an option to be linked by Bluetooth to an iPad or iphone to remotely set power.

Innovation for Hygienists and Dental Clinicans

The Acteon Group is entering a new phase of its growth as a leader in the dental industry based on its technical innovations and high-frequency ultrasonic technology.

With a strong UK base, Acteon offers comprehensive solutions to the dental team for their most common workflows to provide the most effective, convenient, and comfortable care.

Acteon are world leaders in the fields of dental imaging and specialist dental equipment.

The Newtron P5 B LED Ultrasonic Scaler has the key benefits of :

  • Inclined front panel for better visibility and access to settings.
  • Power knob easy to use even with gloves.
  • New handpiece holders. Customizable: can be installed on the front or side of the device.
  • In silicone, allowing two handpiece rest positions.
  • Soothing lights diffusion highlighting the power chosen according to the Color Coding System™.
  • the system is easy to clean and offers total water tightness.
  • Detachable power dial.
  • Detachable and autoclavable silicone handpiece holders.
  • Simultaneously detect and remove dental plaque is now possible thanks to the B.LED technology, exclusive ACTEON®SATELEC® innovation.
  • The F.L.A.G.™ for B.LED plaque discloser, applied directly on teeth with brushes, will become fluorescent under the blue light of the NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece. Areas to be scaled are clearly identified. Scaling procedure is guided and optimised.
  • The blue and white light of the handpiece protects visual comfort thanks to a perfect balance between the lighting of the working zone and the fluorescence of the plaque discloser.

TRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece, offers the perfect balance Wi a thinner body and more flexible cord better grip for perfect treatments detachable and autoclavable nose cone.

  • no contact of liquid with stainless steel.
  • extremely resistant to corrosion for a high longevity.
  • Excellent intraoral and dental plaque visibility with the light rings.
  • 6 High power LEDs (100,000 lux).
  • 2 white and blue LED rings exchangeable and autoclavable.


The Newtron P5 XS B LED Ultrasonic Table Top Scaler has the features of the above P5 but with the added features of:

  • External irrigation system that meets all your clinical needs.
  • Cylindrical tank and new lid which can be 300ml or 500ml in size.
  • Easy to fill even during treatment.
  • Great visibility of volume used mix liquids directly into the tank.
  • Effortless adjustment of irrigation.
  • Autonomous purge.
Newton P5 B LED

Connected to the water supply


1 to 5 bars

Handpiece weight


Device Weight


Overall dimensions (LxWxH):


Newton P5XS B LED

300ml tank
(500ml tank in option: F62005)

Irrigation flow rate

5 - 40 ml/min

Handpiece Weight


Device Weight


Overall dimensions (LxWxH):


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