W&H Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers

Safe for use on patients with cardiac pacemakers

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  • W&H Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers
  • W&H Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers
  • W&H Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers
  • W&H Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers
  • W&H Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers

The new W&H Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers were developed in collaboration with prophylaxis professionals.

Ultra-bright illumination

The LED ring illuminates the treatment site with high-quality daylight-like lighting.

Ultra-ergonomic handpiece

The slim design and highly flexible hose allow for easy adaptation, providing perfect balance and enhanced user comfort.

Ultra-smooth power setting

The rotary dial makes setting the basic mode particularly comfortable.

W&H is a world Leading Family Run Company with a Strong UK Base. Established in 1890 by the precision engineers Weber and Hampel, the company was acquired by the Malata Family in 1958. Innovative product and service solutions, a strong focus on research and development, vision and social responsibility have made W&H a successful local and global player. With outstanding support from their UK base we highly recommend their product range.

Key features on the new W&H Proxeo Ultra:

Ultra large tank

With a generous capacity of 750 ml, the Proxeo Ultra tank stands out as one of the largest available in the market. It seamlessly integrates into the overall design, offering convenient filling and effortless cleaning due to its unique shape and wide opening.

Ultra-practical fill level detection

The Proxeo Ultra PB-530 provides timely warnings when the water level is low, enabling you to conveniently incorporate refilling into your workflow.

Ultra-flexible freedom of movement

Changing positions has never been easier. You can now place the wireless foot control wherever it suits you best, eliminating the hassle of annoying cords.

Ultra-rapid changing of tips

The latest handpiece of the Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers features a unique and patented quick connection system. With just a single turn, the tip can be effortlessly screwed on and off, resulting in not only faster but also significantly easier tip changes.

W&H Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers
Specifications of the new W&H Proxeo Ultra:
Mains voltage

100–230 V

Maximum output power to handpiece under load (ultrasonic):

12 W

Frequency (ultrasonic):

22–35 kHz

Operating mode:

S3 (14 s/6 s)

Length of handpiece cable:

1,8 m

Length of handpiece cable:


Dimensions in mm (W×D×H):



1,106g, 1,064g, or 807g

Demontration: Recommended

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