W&H Lara XL Class B Autoclave

28 litre chamber

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  • W&H Lara XL autoclave
  • W&H Lara XL autoclave
  • W&H Lara XL autoclave
  • W&H Lara XL autoclave
  • W&H Lara XL autoclave

The W&H Lara XL impresses with enhanced capacity, energy efficiency, and speedy type B cycles. With its connectivity and advanced traceability features as well as its optional upgradeability via activation codes, the sterilizer is equipped to meet all present and future individual requirements:

User-friendly interface

The user-friendly interface ensures total workflow control, time savings, and comprehensive protection for both you and your patients.


Thanks to its innovative Eco-Dry technology, the Lara XL is capable of sterilizing instruments in as little as 28 minutes.

Larger Capacity

The Lara XL includes six spacious trays and a distinctive rack, offering an expanded loading surface and increased loading options. Featuring a 28-liter chamber, the Lara XL is designed to efficiently reprocess up to 7 kg of wrapped instruments or 9 kg of containers. Its exceptional flexibility is enhanced by the inclusion of a 6-tray rack.

This unique upgrade system includes:

  • Activation Code “Fast Cycle”: a type S fast cycle whenever needed, the fast cycle allows sterilization of unwrapped instruments in just 20 minutes.
  • Activation Code “Elitrace”: for increased traceability functionality and the customization of the sterilizer to trace back to the person who initiated the sterilization cycle.
  • Activation “All-in-one”: this code activates all functions mentioned above at once

Energy Saving

Optimising the drying time means less energy consumption. This makes Lara XL more environmentally friendly.

W&H are industry leaders from Austria, and are very well respected amongst the dental community. W&H can assure their customers of quality, craftsmanship and reliability in every product. The range of W&H autoclaves is renowned for its reliability, innovation and robustness. Explore our site to know more about the 'family' Lisa and Lyla.

Additional Benefits of the W&H Lara XL include:

Ease of Use

With the Lara XL's colour touch display, you gain access to an intelligent menu structure that provides a diverse range of options, making your daily work easier, faster, and more efficient.


Highest performing sterilizer in its segment.

Fully Upgradeable

Increase of efficiency through upgrades with activation codes.

Enhanced traceability

The documentation is effortlessly saved through a high-capacity USB stick, ensuring seamless storage. Additionally, the use of a barcode label printer will offer enhanced traceability by allowing the linkage of cycles, sterilization packages, and patients, providing valuable support.

Ergonomic design

User friendly, aesthetically pleasing and designed to perfectly fit into your surgery.

W&H Lara XL autoclave
The Specification of the Lara XL 28 Litre:
Power Supply

200–240 V AC; 50/60 Hz; 10 A single phase

Chamber Size

28 l

Power Consumption

2.0–2.4 kW

Overall dimension (w × h × d):

492 mm × 455 mm × 614 mm

Weight (empty):

54 kg

Main/used water tanks:

4.8 l/5.1 l

Working range:

5 to 10 cycles

Usable space in chamber (w × h × d): (1)

230 × 230 × 420 mm

Connection types:

5 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, automatic water filling kit

Usable space in chamber (w x h x d):

195 x 195 x 312 mm

Connection types:

2 USB ports (5 as option), integrated automatic water filling valve

Lara sterilizers were designed, certified and validated with the most stringent directives and standards:

Medical Device Directive


Pressure Equipment Directive

EN 13060

Small steam sterilizer

IEC 61326-1

Electromagnetic compatibility

IEC 61010-1

Safety requirements

IEC 61010-2-040

Specific requirements for steam sterilizer

IEC 61770

Electric appliances connected to the water mains

W&H Lara XL Class B sterilizer

28 Litre chamber
  • Subject to local engineering
  • Validation required
  • Requires power connection
Lead time: 2 weeks

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