Melag Vacuclave 550 Autoclave

50 Litre energy-efficient autoclave

Category: Dental Autoclaves

  • Melag Vacuclave 550 autoclave
  • Melag Vacuclave 550 Autoclave
  • Melag Vacuclave 550 Autoclave
  • Melag Vacuclave 550 Autoclave
  • Melag Vacuclave 550 Autoclave
  • Melag Vacuclave 550 autoclave
  • Melag Vacuclave 550 autoclave

The remarkable Melag Vacuclave 550 Autoclave is an energy-efficient autoclave with record operating times and intelligent drying.

Outstanding Capacity:

Outstanding capacity: for up to 25 kg of instruments, 16 trays or 10 MELAstore Boxes.

More Capacity, Smaller Footprint:

Vacuclave 550 ensures significantly more capacity with a 40 % smaller footprint. Sterilize the maximum number of instruments in the minimum amount of space in record time.


Intelligent drying for any loading configuration.

Vacuclave 550  Suggested Specification including Accessories:

Loading slide for Vacuclave 550
Mount Comfort for Vacuclave 550
Tray (41 x 29 cm) for Vacuclave 550
Tray (29 x 19 cm) 
Tray (42 x 19 cm) 
MELAprint 80 
MELAdem 47 
Pressure increase pump for MELAdem 47
Water Stop
MELAcontrol Helix incl. 250 indicator strips
Melag Vacuclave 550 autoclave

Key Features of the Melag Vacuclave 550 Autoclave:

Exceptional capacity:

Providing ample space for a load of up to 25 kg on 16 trays or up to 10 MELAstore Boxes.

Impressive speed:

Utilizing patented Double Jacket Technology to achieve remarkable operating times.

Intelligent drying:

Significantly reducing drying time by up to 80% with DRYtelligence.

Uncompromising comfort:

Featuring an extra-large Smart-Touch Display for intuitive operation, similar to your smartphone.

Traceable documentation:

Enabling documentation and approval directly on the device with ProControl, ensuring traceability.

Cutting-edge technologies:

Incorporating innovative features such as Recovery, Coolify, Power Save, and DRYtelligence, making Vacuclave 550 the cleanest solution while being mindful of your budget and the environment.

Melag Vacuclave 550 autoclave
The Specification of the Melag Vacuclave 550 Autoclave:
Chamber size:

ø 38 cm x 45 cm long

Chamber volume:

53 liters

Load quantity:

15 amp: 25 kg unpacked, 11 kg packed, 17.5 kg with MELAstore®,
3.5 kg textiles

13 amp: 17,5 kg unpacked, 9 kg packed, 14 kg with MELAstore®,
2 kg textiles

Device dimensions (W x H x D):

63,6 x 59,0 x 71,5 cm
height incl. display 65 cm

Device fits on a 60 cm table top. 


98 kg (operating weight up to 127 kg)

Power supply:

220 – 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz

Melag Vacuclave 550 Autoclave

50 litre energy-efficient autoclave
  • Subject to local engineering
  • Requires air & power connection
Lead time: 6 - 8 weeks

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