Acteon PS Pix Image Plate Scanner

A Compact and Cost-Effective Solution

Category: X-Ray Imaging Scanner

  • The Acteon PSpix Image plate scanner provides support for up to 10 workstations
  • The Acteon PSpix Image plate scanner has light to guide the units status
  • The Acteon PSpix Image plate scanner offers convienient chairside imagery
  • The Acteon PSpix Image plate scanner pairs with Acteon's easy to use software

The Acteon PSPix Image Plate Scanner provides intraoral images of outstanding image quality within seconds. Paired with the Acteon's Imaging suite Software, the images can be edited, exported or archived offering a convenient chairside unit. 

Now this leading manufacturer's 2nd generation PSPix 2 phosphor plate imaging system offers the following features:

Even More Accurate Image Quality

Advanced FIBER2PIXEL technology of the PSPix 2 offers better differentiation of dental tissue; an amazing resolution, producing sharp, contrasted, high-quality intraoral photographs for Bitewing, Implantology, Cariology and Occlusal.

Efficient Workflow

Simply take your dental x-ray and then reserve the scanner, select your room on its touchscreen, and shoot. No requirement to move to another room to view your image. Within 1.6-2.7 seconds, you can view your share your images with your patients. Read more about this on the key features tab.


With an incredibly small footprint. In fact at L15mm x D204mm x H193mm it's three times smaller than any of its competitors being


The extremely compact PSPix 2 can be installed for even faster scanning directly in the treatment room, or used in the cost-effective multi-user version on up to 10 workstations.

Fully Compatible

Advanced software supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.


PSPix 2 is the only scanner on the market that features removable parts for easy disinfection. The autoclavable parts further provide a high level of protection for your patients and team.

Acteon is a world-leading MedTech company from France who use top of the range technology in all of their products to ensure both patients and dentists are more than satisfied.

Acteon are world leaders in the fields of dental imaging and specialist dental equipment.

Additional functions and benefits of the Acteon PSPix image plate scanner include:

Intuitive Easy Operation

The operation is controlled through the large colour touch screen, the operation itself is fully automatic. After entering the imaging plate no further steps are needed. The PSPix's automated process includes:

Auto-Access – door only opens when a plate is detected

Auto-Detect - plate size is automatically detected

Auto-Scan – the PSPix scans and optimizes images before saving them into a patient record

Auto-Eject – plates are automatically erased and ejected

Eco-Mode - enters standby-mode to save power when not in use

Quick 'Status' guide

The unit also provides a colour coded light that represents its status:

Blue - Available

Purple - Scanning

Yellow - Occupied

Flexible Imaging Plates

Acteon imaging plates are comfortable for both adults and children. The range of sizes which provides good adaptability and coverage with plates are available in sizes: 0, 1, 2, 3.

Optimal Hygiene Barrier

The plates are protected in the hygiene bags from light and contamination. The removable magnetic parts can be cleaned in the thermal disinfector.

The Acteon PSpix Image plate scanner has a large touchscreen
The Specification of this Acteon PSPix Image Plate Scanner include:
Contents includes:

4 imaging plates (2 x size 1, 2 x size 2)

200 bag & cover for imaging plate (100 x size 1, 100 x size 2)

Imaging plate storage box

1 stylus for touchscreen

1 power supply 100-240 VAC

1 Ethernet cable

ACTEON imaging software and its license, and a Mac and its license.

Theoretical Resolution:

20 lp/mm

Scan Time (fast mode):



Ethernet RJ-45


L15mm x D204mm x H193mm




100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Site survey: Recommended

Brochure - Acteon PSPix 2

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