Vatech X-Ray Sensor EzSensor HD

Quality Imagery & Comfort

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  • Vatech HD Sensor offers three different sizes
  • Vatech X-ray Sensor HD offers clear and crisp radiographs
  • Vatech HD X-ray Sensor offers has rounded corner to support positioning and comfort
  • Vatech HD X-ray Sensor offers clear and crisp radiographs
  • Vatech HD X-ray Sensor offers quality imagery with a slim design

The digital x-ray sensor, the Vatech EzSensor Classic has been designed with the patient in mind due to it being ultra-slim enabling easy positioning.

A CMOS digital sensor is intended to collect dental x-ray photons and convert them into electronic impulses that may be stored, viewed and manipulated for diagnostic use by dentists.

Focus on Comfort

Slim, CMOS with its cut corners and tapered edges ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible. Placing and positioning a sensor in a patient’s mouth can still be challenging but Vatech found that the thickness of the sensor relates to the pain caused.

That’s why Vatech have developed a sensor that is ultra-slim sensor but still carries the top of the range technology for the best results. The rounded corner design also helps prevent pain as it’s designed to not agitate the delicate soft-tissue inside the mouth.

Filters for Your Perfect Image & Your Treatment

The EzSensor HD provides a crustal clear image that is used for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. With a theoretical resolution of 17 lp/mm, the Classic Sensor provides the necessary high-resolution images.

There is a wide range of exposure settings, capturing a consistent and diagnosable image. With Vatech’s high sensitivity sensor, you can capture all diagnosable images under any conditions, even when using old X-Ray sources. Patients can get the advantage of the lower radiation.


EzSensor Classic rated at IP68, the highest level of the Ingress Protection [IP] : Complete Protection Against Dust and Water.

5 Year Full Parts Warranty

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The specification of Vatech EzSensor Classic is:


Pixel Size

29.6 μm

Theoretical Resolution:

17 lp/mm

Dynamic Range:

12 bit

Active Area

Size 1.0 _ 20 x 30mm

Size 1.5 _ 24 x 33mm

Size 2.0 _ 26 x 36mm

Dimensions (WxLxT)

Size 1.0 _ 25.4 x 36.8mm (1.00 x 1.45 inch)

Size 1.5 _ 29.2 x 39.5mm (1.14 x 1.55 inch)

Size 2.0 _ 31.3 x 42.9mm (1.23 x 1.69 inch)


4.8 mm (0.19 inch)

Cable Length:


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