Murrays Advance SADV-NB Dentist's Model without Backrest

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The Murrays Advance SADV-NB Dentist's Model without Backrest is a round seat without a backrest and no tilt. Comes standard with an adjustable standard height cylinder. The SADV-NB is suitable for all clinical areas.

The base of the stool is strengthened by a T structure, making it easy to clean and keep well maintained.

The size and mobility of the SADV-NB makes it a suitable stool for smaller, narrower dental surgeries.

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Wide Selection of Upholstery

The stool can be created to match the colour of your dental chair package (A-dec & Belmont)

Hand Controls

With these the height and angle of the chair can be adjusted to preference.


A foot ring to help user stability and keep the pelvis in its neutral position.

Weight Capacity

The Murrays dental stool ranges can hold up to 22 stone, and this can be increased if necessary.

Foot Operated Control

This option can be added to enable you to keep you hands free during treatment.

Murrays Advance SADV-NB Stool
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