Bambi VTS250 Oil-Free Dental Compressor

Silent unit supporting up to 5 Surgeries

The Bambi VTS 250D Oil-Free Dental Compressor is suitable for use with 5 chairs and is part of Bambi’s VTS Range which specialise in silent compressed air units.

Is noisy suction an issue for you in your surgery?

Recognising the need for silent oil free compressed air, Bambi have developed a range of totally silent models, the Bambi VTS Range.

Not just an acoustic hood but, a dedicated silent range, engineered from the ground up with a stunning design that will look great in any location.

Packed with novel technical features, even the standard models without air dryers are fitted with a “soft start” solenoid valve. This discharges the air pressure in the pump whenever the power is disconnected, protecting the compressor from overload and extending the service life. Anti corrosion, internally coated air receivers are fitted across the range ensuring the air is contamination free.

Bambi Air Compressors Ltd was established in 1977. Dedicated to the manufacture of innovative and meticulously engineered compressed air  products, their extensive range supports the dental and medical industry, as well as other scientific areas.


Bambi supply great, enduring products. The internally coated, anti-corrosion air receiver means compressed air generated is contamination free making the VTS 250D Compressor perfect for dentistry.


Their engineers team have worked hard to make the VTS 250D a well grounded addition.

Easy Installation 

Everything runs off a single phase 240v (standard UK 3 pin plug) and is supplied ready for plug and play installation.

Designed for Noise Cancellation

Bambi VTS 250D Compressors are one of the quietest of any oil free air compressors available on the market due to it's 'tilting piston' technology. Noise levels as low as 54dB(A).


Fitted with a 'soft start' solenoid valve, the air pressure in the pump discharges whenever the power is disconnected, protecting the compressor from overload and therefore extending it's service life, saving you money.

High Calibre of Air

Highest quality of compressed air available

Dual control

Four thermostatically controlled cooling fans


Optional integral air dryer and after cooler (-40°C Dewpoint)

Compressor Warranty

Bambi Compressors come with a 2 year warranty with a extended protection warranty on the air receiver of 5 years.

The Specification of the VTS 250D:







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