W&H Seal 2 Sterilisation Pouch Sealing System

A Handpiece Pouch Sealing System

Category: Pouch Sealing & Handpiece Bagging System

  • W&H Seal 2 is a bagging system for your handpiece
  • W&H Seal 2 offers convenience and efficiency in your sterilisation process.
  • W&H Hygiene, Sterilisation & Maintenance is an extensive range of equipment for your dental practice.

The W & H Seal 2 Sterilisation Pouch Sealing System helps to maintain a sterile state for all your dental handpieces. Capable of sealing in 2 seconds, with a 12mm seal, this system can also be wall mounted to prevent it taking up space that can be utilised elsewhere. The Sealval 2 is also available.

Perfect quality seals with no risk of burning the bags

The sealing temperature is electronically regulated which prevents bags form getting burnt thus guaranteeing that pouches are hermetically sealed.

All types of roll in arm’s reach

The patented double roll holder on the W & H Seal 2 Sterilisation Pouch Sealing System can accommodate a larger selection of roll widths to perfectly suit your needs. The roll holder can be separated from the sealing station and can also be wall mounted.

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Comfort and ease of use

The W & H Seal 2 Sterilisation Pouch Sealing System offers improved handling due to its unique transparent sealing station and integrated work surface.

Intuitive light and acoustic signals

This system also comes with intuitive light and acoustic signals, making it easier for the operative to use.

W & H Seal 2 Sterilisation Pouch Sealing System

More details of the W & H Seal 2 Sterilisation Pouch Sealing System can be seen here:

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