Belmont Nurse ic-DSSA Stool

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The Belmont Nurse ic-DSSA Stool, like the ic-DSA, is suitable for assistants as it is designed to remove the strains of reaching and leaning. The stool comes with an off-centre, 360 degree rotatable support bar, meaning the user can often change to providing back support or torso support. There is also a foot-ring to aid with additional stability and posture support.

The 'banana' shaped swing arm of the Belmont Nurse ic-DSSA Stool is designed ergonomically to hold the user in the chair and provide further stability. Further comfort is added with the double-density cushioning.

Belmont are a third-generation Japanese family business manufacturing health and beauty furniture since 1921

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The Belmont ic-DSSA Stool has a range of options and upgrades on it to ensure the 'fit' is right for you:

Wide Selection of Upholstery

Available in Seamless or Sewn, Stamskin or Ultra-soft Leather (Upgrade) where the stool can be created to match the colour of your dental chair package (A-dec and Belmont), or select a standard colour to compliment your branding, and colour scheme.

Standard, Ultrasoft and Ultrasoft Pro Fabric Options

The Belmont Nurse ic-DSSA Stool is available in three different fabrics.

Belmont Nurse ic-DSSA Stool
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We encourage all of our customers (where possible) to try before you buy. Whether you are considering a saddle or more traditional stool, this is a long term investment for you and your health.