A-dec 300 LED Light

Good Value, High Performance, No Compromise

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  • The A-dec 300 comes with an LED operating light
  • A-dec have a range of LED Dental operating lights and this is the A-dec 300 Light.
  • a-dec led 300 light

The A-dec 300 Dental Light doesn't compromise on performance and offers well priced quality solution.

Touchless On/Off

The A-dec 300 LED dental light features a touchless on/off sensor and auto on/off using chair presets to simplify asepsis protocols and minimise touchpoints.

Pure Natural Light

The first thing you will notice about the 300 light is the bright neutral white light, which is easy on your eyes  - and your patients. A high color rendering index (CRI) of 94, mimics sunlight’s clarity and conforms to the latest ISO9680 standards for brightness, color,rendering and uniformity.

Floods the Oral Cavity with Light

The 300 LED provides a light intensity of up to 25,000 lux. The 4 LED lights have been positioned in a 'Stadium Style' to reduce shadowing.

No Heat or Noise

Unlike many traditional halogen operating lights historically, this unit ensures you work comfortably.

Composite Mode

The 'Slow Cure' mode at 8,000 lux.

Unparalled Testing

If you visit A-dec's factory in Oregan you will see the unsurpassed amount of testing peformed on its equipment range. Their lights are tested for a minimum 20-year life. No requirement to change bulbs or fittings for a long time to come.

4 Mounting Options

Whether you opt for an integrated chair mounted unit, a ceiling mounted light for superior ergonomics or a wall mounted unit, A-dec has a range of solutions suitable for your needs.

The A-dec Difference

The quality of your dental equipment directly impacts profitability. Dentists consistently rank A-dec dental equipment as the highest in quality.

A-dec's attention to detail is second to none. With 95% of all parts being made in the own factory in Oregon, they can assure their customers quality an craftsmanship in every product. Understand in detail the process and materials behind A-dec's manufacturing process by viewing their 'Experience the Difference' board in showrooms.

A-dec Dental Chair

Other keys features the A-dec 300 Dental Light include:


The design offers a large modern looking light head with easy to grip handles, that are made from industrial grade resin to resists impact damage. Its 3-axis rotation ensures precision positioning.

Light intensity (two modes)

Select between either High (25,000 lux) or Low (8,000 lux) offering the right light to do the right job.

Colour Temperature

Offering accurate colour matching at 5,000k.

As with all A-dec Equipment the A-dec 300 Light comes with a 5 Year warranty.

The A-dec 300 LED Dental Light Specification:
Stadium Lights

4 Bright White LED's


40,000 hours (~20 years)

Thermal Output

51 BTUs (halogen average 325 BTUs)


Pair with A-dec 500, A-dec 400, A-dec 300, A-dec 200, Performer.

Light Modes

High - 25,000 lux (2323 fc)  Low - 8,000 (743 fc)

Site survey: Recommended

The A-dec 400 Dental Chair includes the following upgrade options:

   Upgrade Type
ActeonSoproCare Camera Handpiece
ActeonSoproLife Camera Handpiece
ActeonUSB Mini Camera Docking Station
ActeonActeon Mini LED Curing Light
NSKEA-53 Micro Motor
DurrCAS1 Amalgam Separator
W&HAdvanced Air
W&HPrimea RK-97 5 x LED Turbine
W&HPrimea RG-97 1 x LED Turbine
W&HPrimea RQ-24 Coupling with Light and Integrated Spray
W&HPrimea RQ-34 Coupling with Light and Adjustable Integrated Spray
A-decSpittoon Valve
A-decLarge Tray Holder
A-decAdditional Non-switched Assistant’s Holder
A-dec561 Cuspidor Support Centre
A-dec581 Monitor Mount (for 561 Cuspidor Support Centre)
A-dec482 Monitor Mount
A-dec376 LED Ceiling Light
A-dec375 LED Wall Light
A-dec377 LED Track Mounted Light
A-dec576 LED Ceiling Light
A-dec575 LED Wall Light
A-dec577 LED Track Mounted Light
A-dec533 Continental Delivery Systems (inc. Deluxe Plus T/ Pad)


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A-dec 400 Dental Chair

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