NSK iClave Plus

50% more sterilisation space than other Class B Units

Category: Dental Autoclaves

The NSK iClave plus autoclave is perfect for all dental surgeries with its sleek design and modern technology. Under European standards the steriliser classifies under Class B.

The benefits of this autoclave include combining high heat conductivity of the copper chamber with its proprietary heating system.

Chamber Size

With an 18 litre chamber but with 50% more sterilisation space than a conventional stainless-steel chamber of the same size. This is because the iClave plus maintains even temperatures throughout the autoclave chamber and constantly controls the surface temperature 

A Large range of Optional Extras

Upgrade by adding its own 'Purity' Water Distiller, Optional Printer, Sealer Newseal Plus, Barcode Label Writer, USB Data Logger.

More Efficient Drying Phase

Due to the bacterial filter that the iClave plus uses, air is able to ventilate through during the drying phase, eliminating the possibility of re-contamination.

NSK are industry leaders from Japan and manufacturer a variety of dental equipment, and incredibly well respected amongst the dental community. NSK can assure their customers quality, craftsmanship and reliability in every product. They have a strong UK base meaning parts and support are readily available.

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Ease of Use

Easy to use, Easy to read operating panel. The colours on the operating panel change in accordance to conditions making it easy to read and also enhancing sterilisation reliability.

Adaptive Heat System

Incredibly advanced research and development of the NSK iClave + has allowed for a progressive heating system which optimizes the high heat conductivity of copper. Electro-thermal material has been utilised, embeding into the silicone to heat the entire chamber evenly without heat loss.

Easy, Stress-Free Tracking

All sterilisation cycles are recorded on a USB flashdrive, without the need for special software in order to view and print records. The system keeps track of all relevant cycle parameters agasint a unique date and time stamp.

Vacuum Sterilisation For All Types Of Instrument

A specially designed vacuum pump removes air from the chamber and handpiece cavities before sterilisation.

Cycle Times

Fast Cycle to use with unwrapped instruments, as quick as 18 mins. Employing a copper chamber to minimiser internal temperature fluctuations. Efficiency sterilising more instruments while minimising wasted space.

Sterilisation 1 – 134° - 5 minutes – 3 vacuum – Class B

Sterilisation 2 – 121° - 20 minutes – 3 vacuum – Class B

Flash (*) – 134° - 3 minutes – 1 vacuum – Class S

S1 Disinfection – 105° - 8 minutes – 3 vacuum – NA

S2 Critical Load – 134° - 5 minutes – 4 vacuum – Class B

S3 Critical Load – 121° - 20 minutes – 4 vacuum – Class B

S4 BSE Prion – 105° - 19 minutes – 3 vacuum – Class B

S5 – 105 - 135° - 3-90 minutes – 1-3-4 vacuum – NA

*1 small load: include hollow instruments - type A&B (max 0.5g)

2 Year Warranty

The Specification of the NSK iClave + 18 litre
External Dimensions

W 445 x D 532 x H 428 mm

Chamber Dimensions

Ø240 x 384 mm

Chamber Capacity

18 Litre

Net Weight


Maximum Power Consumption

1,900 W


Supply Voltage CE

230 V 50Hz

Air Expulsion System

Vacuum Pump 1, 3, 4 Vacuum

Max Load Solid

4 kg

Max Load Porous

1.5 kg

1. UNIVERSAL134°C5 min3 vacuumB
2. DELICATE121°C20 min3 vacuumB
3. FLASH134°C3 min2 vacuumS
4. SMALL LOAD*1134°C5 min3 vacuumB
5. PRION134°C18 min3 vacuumB
6. CRITICAL 134°C134°C5 min4 vacuumB
7. CRITICAL 121°C121°C20 min4 vacuumB
8. SPECIAL105-135°C3-90 min2-4 vacuum-

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