Vatech EzRay Air Wall Intra-oral X-Ray

Lightweight, Optimal Image Quality

Categories: Intraoral X-Ray, Intraoral X-Rays

The Vatech EzRay Air Wall Intra-oral X-Ray is a lightweight dental intraoral imaging system with optimal image quality:

Weight Innovation with CNT
(Carbon Nano Technology)

The Vatech EzRay Air Wall Intra-oral X-Ray, a lightweight X-ray device mounted on the wall, is specifically crafted for convenient handling and secure positioning to enhance the image quality of intraoral X-rays. With its lightweight tube head, the EzRay Air Wall offers users a stable and user-friendly X-ray source, ensuring maximum image clarity and streamlining workflow.

Smart Dial for all functions

The tube head's operating panel facilitates a more straightforward and efficient workflow. The inclusion of the Smart Dial, consolidating all settings into a single dial, not only streamlines the process but also reduces preparation time. Thanks to the EzRay Air Wall, there's no requirement to memorize intricate control panel buttons and configurations.

Secure clear images with a 0.4mm focal spot

In contrast to other intraoral x-ray systems available, the Vatech EzRay Air Wall Intra-oral X-Ray delivers superior image quality and added diagnostic value, thanks to its 0.4mm focal spot.

Vatech is a South Korean manufacturer that specialise in digital imagery products. They are known for their quality products that are recognised as some of the best in the industry.

Dimensions of the Vatech EzRay Air Wall Intra-oral X-Ray:

Specifications for theVatech EzRay Air Wall Intra-oral X-Ray:
Focal Spot:

0.4 mm (IEC 60336)

Tube Voltage:


Tube Current:

3.0 mA

Exposure Time Range:

0.05 ~ 0.5 (0.01s increment)

Source to Skin Distance:

Min. 20 cm

X-Ray Field:

Default: : 60 mm Round, 30x40 mm Rectangular / Optional: 20x30 mm Rectangular

Arm Length [Option]:

62”/ 68”/ 80”


Remote Exposure Switch (Hand Switch / Doorbell Switch)


15.9 kg (Arm Length 450 mm)
16.6 kg (Arm Length 600 mm)
17.9 kg (Arm Length 900 mm)

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