Bambach Cutaway Saddle Stool

  • Bambach Cutaway Saddle Stool
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The Bambach Cutaway Saddle Stool is similar to the standard Bambach saddle stool in that it has all the same features, yet a slightly different design. The cutaway is specially designed for users with narrower hips or limited abduction. The size of this seat is also suitable for smaller and tighter surgeries or dental practices. 

The anatomic shape of the Bambach Cutaway Saddle Stool aims to correct the posture of the back and the pelvis, thereby avoiding strains and long term posture related injuries.

The Bambach Saddle Seat was designed by Australian Occupational Therapist, Mary Gale. Following years of using horse riding as a therapy, she was often amazed at the profound effect simply sitting on horseback had upon the sitting posture and trunk control of individuals with neurological symptoms

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The Bambach Cutaway Saddle Stool has a range of optional extras available:

Wide Selection of Upholstery

The Bambach Cutaway Saddle Stool can be created to match the colour of your dental chair package (A-dec & Belmont)

Foot Operated Height Adjuster

With this feature the operative can adjust the height of the stool hands free, which is very efficient in surgery or when hands need to be kept sterile.

Small, Medium or Long Stem Height Options

  • Small - Less than 5ft
  • Medium - 5ft to 6ft 1
  • Long - Over 6ft 1

Foot Ring

The foot ring enables the operative to work at a higher height whilst ensuring the pelvis remains in an upright, neutral position.

Short Arm Rest

Available on both sides for either arm, designed for meticulous work.

Long Arm Rest

Available on both sides for either arm, also designed for intricate work.

Bambach Cutaway Saddle Stool