Acteon Newtron Booster Ultrasonic Scaler Unit

Entry Level Table Top Piezo Unit

Acteon Newtron P5 XS B LED Ultrasonic Scaler Unit

Mid-Range Table Top Piezo Unit

NSK Varios 370 Ultrasonic Scaler

back to product overview NSK Varios 370 Ultrasonic Scaler Outstanding Performance & Versatility What we like The NSK Varios 370…

NSK Varios 970 Piezon Ultrasonic Scaler

All-in-one System for a range of Treatments

NSK Varios Combi Pro Oral Hygiene Unit

Ultrasonic and powder therapy in one

W&H Proxeo Piezo Scaler

Developed by Prophylaxis Professionals

W&H Tigon+ Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler

Uses pleasantly warm fluid and prevents irritation

W&H Pyon 2 Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler

A basic Piezo Scaler