Why Choosing the Right Dental Chair is So Important

A-dec dental chairs from Hague Dental

Choosing the Correct Dental Chairs for your Practice

The range of sophisticated equipment available to dentists is extensive. However, equipping dental practices starts by choosing suitable dental chairs. It is easy to take for granted the comfort and convenience of the chairs in a typical modern dental surgery, but patients were not always so fortunate.

If you had required an extraction prior to the 17th century, you would probably have found yourself seated on the floor with your head held firmly between the dentist’s knees. Later, in the early 1700s, you might have been offered a relatively comfortable chair by a French dentist, Pierre Fauchard, who also introduced the practice of treating cavities with dental fillings.

In due course, it became apparent that a well-designed chair could benefit dentists and their patients. Initially, dentists designed their own, but in the mid-1800s, manufacturers took over production. Since then, dental practice chairs have evolved by leaps and bounds. Modern producers place greater emphasis on the ergonomic aspects of their designs, adding footrests, headrests, and adjustable posture to ensure versatility and comfort, as well as delivery systems, spitoons, and foot pedals for ease of operation.

Not all dental chairs are equal

If you were to shop online for dental equipment, you might be amazed by the number of manufacturers serving this niche market. Some specialise in a particular product type, while others prefer to generalise. Around ten companies currently dominate the dental chair market. Of these, Oregon-based A-dec is a worldwide favourite manufacturer of chairs for dentists due mainly to its ability to leverage new technology quickly and efficiently.

A brief overview of A-dec dental chairs available from Hague Dental Supplies should explain why they are in such great demand by dentists, and so appreciated by their patients.

  • A-dec 500: First released in 1996, this model’s pressure-mapped tailored upholstery is the epitome of comfort, and its advanced controls have set the gold standard for reliability and performance. The A-dec 500 is built to carry a load of up to 227 kilos and can be supplied with one of four alternative delivery systems.
  • A-dec 400: These dental practice chairs are more compact than the 500 but retain the choice of four delivery systems. The backrest is shaped like a sting ray to ensure the patient’s shoulders are fully supported, and the double articulating headrest can be adjusted as required. A cutaway base and movable armrests enable practitioners to position themselves close to their patients and avoid compromising their comfort.
  • A-dec 300: This model’s outstanding features include faster patient positioning, superior access to the oral cavity, and an upgraded monitor on a dual pivot arm to allow viewing from supine and seated positions. A virtual pivot system synchronises chair movements with those of the patient for a smoother experience.
  • A-dec 200: The 200 is built to last while providing ancillary accommodation to add new technology that might prove necessary as a practice grows and its requirements change. As such, the 200 is an ideal entry-level choice.

Professional guidance when choosing dental chairs

At Hague Dental Supplies, we understand that choosing the best chair for dentists can be challenging. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange a visit to one of our showrooms, where you can test and discuss the many benefits of A-dec dental chairs.