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Understanding the differences between the A-dec Dental Chair is not always obvious. We hope this page will help to clarify which unit might serve you, your team, patients and surgery best.

The three models in the range are:

A-dec 500

The 500 has set dentistry’s hallmark for treatment room comfort, reliability and performance, since its original manufacture in 1996. The ‘legend’ that is the 500, gives you optimal ergonomics supported by a full range of integrated possibilities.

The 500’s Treatment Centre has been redesigned in 2019 and is now known as the 500B.  Now with a completely new delivery head for traditional hanging or continental, the dental chair is built to provide even more flexibility for integration in the future.

A-dec 400

Ergonomics and Comfort for all are at the heart of the design of this A-dec dental chair, with a slightly smaller footprint than the 500.

The 400 replaced the legend that was formerly the Radius. The new treatment unit still benefits from the Radius’s robust construction but also contemporary styling and a new specification.

The ‘stingray shaped’ backrest ensures the patient’s shoulders are fully supported, the double articulating headrest can be manipulated to suit the patient. These features as well as the pressure-mapped upholstery ensure your patient is put at ease and for even the longest procedures.

A-dec 300

The 300 a-dec dental chair package has proved popular since this world leading manufacturer introduced the model 5 years ago.

As an affordable mid-range treatment centre, that does not compromise. With A-dec’s high quality build that won’t let you down, plus some of these other strong elements to the design, such as once again being fully ambidextrous, patient comfort and the choice of 4 delivery options. It also benefits from the smallest footprint of all the A-dec range.

At a Glance – Compare the Features

To make it even easier to choose to right A-dec Dental Chair for your surgery, we have also included this table to weigh up the different features.

 A-dec 500A-dec 400A-dec 300
Ultra-soft start and
stop hydraulic drive
Hybrid drive (hydraulic base/
electric tilt)
Swivel (30 degree
each side of center)
Virtual pivot for
added patient
Ultra-thin backrest
Toeboard tilt for
cradling comfort
gliding headrest
Lever releaseLever release or
locking knob
Locking knob
armrest settings
Chair at lowest point13.5″ (343mm)13.75″ (349mm)13.75″ (349mm)
Chair at highest point31.5″ (800mm)13.75 (349mm)13.75 (349mm)
Integrated 300 watt
power supply
Load rating500 lb (227kg)400 lb (181kg)400 lb (181kg)
Sewn upholsteryYesYesYes
Formed upholsteryYesYesYes

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