How Digital Dental Solutions are Making Life Easier for Both Dentists and Patients

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How Digital Dental Solutions are Making Life Easier for Both Dentists and Patients

Most people believe healthy teeth are vital, yet many avoid going to the dentist due to fear. Fortunately, new digital dental solutions are changing perceptions. As the advent of digital electronics has revolutionised the manner in which we communicate, purchase goods and enjoy our entertainment, it has had an equally profound effect on dentists and their patients. In practice, this technology has transformed a visit to the family dentist.

Some Common Examples of Digital Dental Solutions

Today, there is hardly an item of equipment in the average dental surgery that has not evolved from a less-effective mechanical predecessor through the magic of digital electronics. In addition, some brand-new digital dental solutions are also contributing to welcome advances in dentistry. Let’s examine some of these in more detail.

  • Intraoral & Diagnostic Cameras

In keeping with the need to reduce costs and simplify procedures, these devices offer an innovative approach to assessing oral health that is convenient for the dentist and more comfortable and less invasive for the patient. The resulting well-illuminated HD video and still images can reveal evidence of cavities, plaque, chipped teeth, broken fillings and gum disease and help the dentist to confirm and discuss these conditions and the treatment options with the patient. This invaluable digital dental solution can also be used for oral cancer screening.

  • Intraoral X-Ray Unit:

As dentists have to rely on quality imagery to help identify problem areas, investing in x-ray units is a vital addition to any practice to provide better detail of cavities, decay between teeth and changes in bone density while also minimising the patient’s exposure to radiation.

  • Intraoral Scanner:

While oral photographs and x-ray films provide invaluable information for the dentist, many sometimes require a more photorealistic image of the contents of the buccal cavity. Armed with an intraoral scanner, the dentist can generate a 3D full-arch image in less than two minutes. The completed scan data can then be exported to compatible treatment planning software or transmitted to a lab of your choice.

  • Dental 3D Printer:

Dentists who favour digital dental solutions can save time and money by avoiding expensive labs with a 3D printer. These devices employ additive manufacturing techniques to print models, dentures, crowns, orthodontic aligners and mouth guards on-site to provide their patients with a one-day service.

  • Digital Milling Machine:

These machines offer an alternative to 3D printing, utilising the data gathered with an intraoral scanner and processed by specialised CAD/CAM software to control their performance. Starting with a ceramic block, an automated milling machine can produce a high-quality, precisely-fitting crown in eight to ten minutes to provide a fully-integrated chairside digital dental solution.

Considering Digital Dental Solutions for Your Surgery?

Hague Dental Services has delivered quality service since 1996 and has been been the recipient of multiple awards. We partner with dentists to identify the technology and equipment that best meets their current and future needs and budgets, and strive to provide them with the necessary insight to make an informed decision. We invite you to contact us for any further information you may require about world-class digital dental solutions from Hague.