Thoughtful Dental Clinic Refurbishment

Dental Clinic Refurbishment

Is it Time you Gave Some Thought to Dental Clinic Refurbishment?

If it’s been a while since you first opened your practice, it may need a little TLC. Rather than seeking new premises, why not consider dental clinic refurbishment? Dentistry has undergone a quantum leap since the days it was practised by monks and barbers, and it continues to evolve. Technological advances such as high-speed handpieces and various intraoral devices have transformed what was once a fearful, painful, and frequently ineffective activity. Dental premises have also graduated from cold and austere-looking rooms, often adapted from living quarters, to be replaced by tastefully decorated and well-equipped clinics that help to inspire patient confidence and streamline the dental practitioner’s tasks.

Our working environment can have a profound influence on the quality of our work. Pleasant surroundings can help reduce stress, foster a positive attitude and inspire confidence – all valid considerations when designing or refurbishing a dental surgery. In addition to improving your working environment, an upgrade to your premises could create the opportunity to take on a new partner specialising in maxillofacial surgery or cosmetic dentistry and a chance to expand your patient base.

What does a Dental Clinic Refurbishment Involve?

Whether you are planning to design a new practice or upgrade an existing one, there are numerous factors that need to be considered. However, the primary requirement is always in creating a workspace that is fit for purpose while ensuring a safe, comfortable and convenient environment for dentists and their patients. Achieving these goals requires careful planning. Even the positioning of electric plugs, hand basins, and lighting can significantly influence a dentist’s capacity to serve patients safely and efficiently.

Unfortunately, the practitioner’s comfort is a factor that is often overlooked when designing or refurbishing dental premises. Health and safety requirements apply equally to dentists and patients. During a typical working day, a dentist is often subjected to repeated physical stress when bending over patients or stretching to retrieve their instruments. These stresses can be avoided by careful attention to the positioning of equipment and ergonomically efficient choices.

Adequate space and its efficient use can also be of crucial importance when planning a design. In addition to ensuring that key equipment such as X-ray machines and digital dental equipment is readily accessible, a designer must provide adequate space for dentists and patients, allowing them to move safely and avoiding any potential obstacles when required.

It is Advisable to Employ a Professional to Undertake Your Dental Clinic Refurbishment

Although you might be both a dentist and a talented DIY enthusiast, it is unlikely you could afford to spend several weeks conducting your own upgrade while neglecting your patients and losing income. It, therefore, makes more sense to allocate the entire task to a reputable company specialising in dental supplies, practice design and refurbishment.

Hague Dental Supplies has been serving the industry since 1996. In addition to supplying leading brands of dental equipment, we specialise in dental engineering, project management and dental practice design and refurbishment. If you feel it may be time to re-equip and upgrade your practice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.