Belmont Touch Intraoral X-Ray

Beautifully Designed and Easy to Use

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  • The sister unit to the Belmont Phot-X II Intraoral Unit
  • Easy to follow screen makes the Belmont Touch Intraoral X-ray the ideal unit for your surgery..

The Belmont Touch Intraoral X-ray is the worlds first DC X-ray with a full touch screen.

This x-ray generator has gained a very strong reputation due to its ease of use, clear imagery and reliable performance, and the sister unit to Belmont's Phot-X II. But why has this unit become such a leader in its field:

No Drift Arm

One of the key complaints of clinicians is x-rays not holding their position. This wall-mounted dental x-ray as with all Belmont products is robust and but also ensures that the sissor arm has no drift, so when you place it in position, it stays there.

Safety First

A safety conscious X-ray unit with exposures as low as 0.01 seconds. Over exposure is easily avoided with an large range of exposure setting

Easy to Use

The 'Touch' offers a simple set up on screen, for even new users to easily take images.

Easily select the right exposure pre-sets and type of patient, as well as the area of the mouth you wish to expose, with clear icons.


Compatible with all digital systems and film. It can switch between digital and film at the push of a button.

Error Code Reporting

The unit instantly displays error codes upon the screen, so that you can report issues to your engineer quickly and easily.

From the Japanese manufacturer Belmont, that has established itself in the industry as being one of the best, most reliable brands of dental equipment including Dental Chairs and Imaging Units. With an incredibly strong UK base in London, with parts and engineers readily available should you require it.

Some further features of this Belmont Touch Intraoral X-ray include:


As with all the Belmont range, the Phot-X II x-ray is built with quality material and made to last and withstand the demands of a a busy practice.

Focal Spot

Recessed Focal spot allows for the shorter come and longer ‘Source to skin’ distance of 203mm.

Ease of Use

The Touch is a user friendly unit that is simple to operate:

  • It has adult, adolescent and child presets for the user or a manual overide for more challenging exposures.
  • With a Multilingual display for a range of users.
  • Even a USB for traceability.
  • The control panel mounted outside the surgery.

Easy to Clean

The x-rays glass screen and the simplicity of the unit make it easy to wipe down.

Mounting Options

Choose between wall-mounted, mobile base, unit with stool or ceiling mounted. Download the Belmont brochure below for details.

Arm Length

Choose between short, medium and long arm mounting.

Options for Cone Size

Choose between regular, long and rectangular. See specification.

Belmont Phot-X II Intra-Oral X-Ray offers a high level of reliability with zero drift.
Specifications for the Belmont Touch Intraoral X-Ray:
Tube voltage

60kV or 70kV

Tube current

3mA or 6mA

Focal spot


Exposure time

0.01 to 3.2 seconds

Source to Skin Distance

Regular Cone- 203mm

Long Cone- 305mm

Rectangular Cone- 203mm

Primary Arm Length Options

30cm (300mm) / Maximum reach = 1,422mm

80cm (800mm) / Maximum reach = 1,922mm

100cm (1,000mm) / Maximum reach = 2,122mm

Model Options

Belmont Touch WK (505WK) wall-mounted
Belmont Touch FM (505FM) with mobile base
Belmont Touch RK (505RK) room type with stool
Belmont Touch FK (505FK) floor-mounted
Belmont Touch CK (505CK) ceiling-mounted

Site survey: Recommended

Phot X-IIS Touch Brochure


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