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The Best Way to Manage Your Dental Supplies and Support

Unlike most general practitioners, who require relatively little specialised equipment to fulfil their primary care role, dentists must invest heavily in specialised instruments and machines to equip their surgeries. Nevertheless, like all manufactured items, even the most costly dental supplies have a finite lifespan. Constant day-to-day use will eventually take its toll on chairs, suction equipment, ultrasonic scalers and polishers, X-ray machines and cameras. Furthermore, technical advances in dentistry can often render existing equipment outmoded and in need of replacement. Therefore, investing in high-quality, up-to-date equipment that is made to last should be a priority when setting up or re-equipping your surgery.

Supplies vs Supplier

That said, purchasing top-of-the-range equipment alone is not a guarantee of longevity. In practice, it would be best if you were to obtain your dental supplies from a company with the necessary engineering skills and facilities to maintain your equipment and ensure it continues to perform at peak efficiency. If yours is a relatively small practice, your only concern may be to furnish your treatment area. On the other hand, suppose your operation is more extensive and includes a large reception and waiting area and specialised facilities, such as a hygienist department, scanning room, decontamination room or a laboratory. In that case, selecting a supplier that can satisfy all those needs would make more sense than buying from multiple sources.

Quality dental supplies are essential not only for practitioners but also for their patients. The combination of skilled hands and high-performance world-class equipment ensures patient confidence, comfort and safety, increasing the likelihood of referrals. However, some practices are struggling to accept new patients. In the wake of the marked decline in NHS subsidised dentistry, many of the country’s private practices are now working at or close to peak capacity – another good reason to ensure your equipment won’t let you down when you most need it. 

However, while recognising the importance of reliable dental supplies and professional backup services is typical of the profession, finding a dependable supplier can often prove challenging. In recent years, many of Britain’s leading practitioners have been discovering that utilising Hague Dental’s services can be the best way to overcome this difficulty. While specialising in relevant engineering services, practice design and planning and project management, we also source the finest equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers in this highly specialised and increasingly demanding field of medicine.

Hague Dental Supplies

With more than a quarter of a century of sourcing, installing and maintaining dental supplies, we owe our success to a straightforward but crucial philosophy. Our staff has just one objective – to support our clients, enabling them to perform at their best by determining, understanding and fulfilling their professional needs. Our team members are available to advise and answer your queries between 08h30 and 17h30 every weekday. Whether you wish to set up a squat practice, are planning to relocate, need assistance with maintenance or merely want to order a few small items, you will always have our full attention.

While operating from head offices in Horsham, we recently opened a branch in Newark supporting surgeries and practices in the Midlands. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more detail on our world-class dental supplies and extensive support services.